Citroën is attending the global innovation event, VivaTech, held from 16 to 18 May at the Paris Expo exhibition centre at Porte de Versailles in Paris.

On its stand, Citroën is exhibiting:

  • Two complementary visions of mobility that project the Brand into the future in the shape of two electric concept cars meeting all the needs of customers seeking true freedom of mobility: Citroën 19_19 Concept, making its world debut, a vision of ultra-comfort for mobility adventures outside the city, and Ami One Concept, a symbol of urban electric mobility.
  • Innovations in terms of the digital experience and automotive well-being, developed in collaboration with five French partners and start-ups: the Seetroën glasses, the Saytroën vocal assistant, the Ami One Concept Digital Experience customer journey, the Ami One Concept sound identity, and the The Citroën Editorializer editorial platform.


Having supported its customers in their desire for mobility for 100 years, Citroën is welcoming Free2Move, the PSA Group’s mobility brand, which is presenting its services to retail customers and businesses.



To celebrate 100 years of boldness and creativity at the service of freedom of movement, the Brand was duty bound to present a spectacular object, a true UFO in the automotive sector. 19_19 Concept is a disruptive Citroën manifesto that rewrites the rule book and illustrates a vision of mobility that is deliberately unconventional, future-looking and constraint-free.

Boasting exceptional proportions for the automotive segment, and inspired by the worlds of aviation and interior design, 19_19 Concept is immediately recognisable through its pure and streamlined shapes and its consummately worked technological details, and through the various ways in which it can be interpreted.

Taking comfort to a new level with a cabin constituting a true living room on wheels, 19_19 Concept pushes back the limits of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. The cabin is suspended on a new suspension system with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® combined with smart active control and features a unique layout informed by the world of furniture with individualised seats, each one expressing a vision of comfort. 19_19 Concept is also innovative and futuristic through its autonomous driving technology, drivers being able to entirely delegate driving. Strong on artificial intelligence, the concept car is equipped with a personal assistant built in to the dashboard that takes over control of the vehicle during autonomous driving phases and interacts with passengers via a predictive and proactive system that anticipates the needs of each occupant.

With its all-electric drive train, 19_19 Concept boasts a reduced carbon footprint, heightens in-car comfort through the absence of noise and vibration, and, with a range of up to 800 km, proves that electric cars can be entirely synonymous with long journeys. Created to make driving more serene and relaxed, the concept car charges via induction either at a halt or in motion where the infrastructure so permits.

19_19 Concept reinvents long car journeys by sketching out an approach to ultra-comfort bringing occupants regenerative and restorative travel. The vehicle stands as a modern approach to design and technology that fosters a new automotive experience. Occupants enjoy a true “mental detox” experience for maximum travelling pleasure, enjoying total relaxation, calm and well-being.


19_19 Concept is the ultimate Citroën response to tomorrow’s car travel, inspired by a desire for free and restorative mobility.


For more details, click here for the Citroën 19_19 Concept press kit and visuals:



Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019 and exhibited at Auto Shanghai in April 2019, Ami One Concept embodies Citroën’s vision of urban mobility by responding to new motoring behaviour and the challenge of the energy transition. A disruptive, hip and protective object, the ultra-compact and all-electric Ami One Concept perpetuates 100 years of innovation and boldness at the service of freedom of movement.

The concept car illustrates Citroën’s vision of freedom in the city: #LibertyElectriCityMobility.


  • Freedom of access: accessible without a driving licence, Ami One Concept is accompanied by an innovative global digital ecosystem fostering a modern, cheerful and more broadly affordable mobility experience. The ecosystem rethinks the customer journey and offers customers “à la carte” use ranging from five minutes to five years and spanning carsharing, rental and purchase. It includes a special mobile app that motorists use to manage their relationship with the object, providing access to a portal of services that simplify each journey.
  • Freedom of movement: access to town centres with an ultra-compact and agile 100% electric mobility solution, allowing 2 people to travel freely in an intuitive and connected object.
  • Freedom to be modern: an assertive, bold and colourful personality and a virtuous symmetrical design, the result being a hip and protective object for enjoying the city in style and comfort.

For more details, click here for the Ami One Concept press kit and visuals:



Since its creation in 1919, Citroën has constantly created and introduced to a broad public innovative solutions that improve motoring and the daily life of each person in their relationship with the Brand. At VivaTech, the Brand is showcasing its latest innovations designed to forge a new experience of mobility and automotive well-being, developed with five French partners and start-ups. Each partner invited by Citroën is presenting a technology or service designed with the Brand at one of the six chalets located around the stand.


  • Seetroën anti-travel sickness glasses, an innovation for travelling well-being

Over 30 million Europeans suffer from chronic travel sickness, while one person in three experiences the symptoms at least once in their life. Responding to this issue, Citroën, whose guiding principle is comfort, launched Seetroën, the first glasses that do away with travel sickness, in July 2018. Co-developed with the Var-based start-up Boarding Ring and the 5.5 design office, the glasses, with their fresh and simple look, proved an instant success. Out of stock after just three days, Seetroën glasses have now won over 15,000 families around the world.

Seetroën glasses are available priced at €99 at the Brand’s lifestyle boutique, in France, Portugal, Benelux, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland and Poland. Outside these countries, customers around the world can obtain the glasses by ordering via the Citroën Racing website.

Seetroën glasses may be worn by adults and children aged ten and over (when the inner ear finishes growing). The glasses do not have lenses, so they may be shared by all family members or travelling companions and can also be worn over regular glasses. It takes just ten to twelve minutes for the glasses to achieve their full effect.


  • Saytroën, the Citroën vocal assistant

Voice is the medium of the future. Voice research continues to advance at a brisk pace (increasing by 50% in 2020) and is addressing a range of contexts, including ordering goods, voice control (“Call so-and-so”) and various centres of interest (general knowledge, music, cooking recipes, etc.). At VivaTech, Citroën, a brand inspired by the lifestyles of its customers, is presenting Saytroën, a vocal assistant developed with Google and the MullenLowe ad agency. Saytroën, “Inspired by your Voice”, helps users to find and purchase a vehicle. On the basis of a simple question, it finds information on the model, configures it and makes an appointment for a test drive at the Citroën dealership of the user’s choice. Saytroën assists users in their purchase. The tool also informs people about the history of the Brand and automotive culture, with users finding out all about high points in Citroën’s history from 1919 to the present day and listening to podcasts about cars. Music fans can launch a “Oui are French” playlist, while inquisitive individuals can test their Citroën knowledge in the form of a quiz and children can listen to bedtime stories. With Saytroën, Citroën is proposing an innovative approach to the digital customer experience.


  • Ami One Concept Digital Experience, an intuitive customer journey

With Ami One Concept, Citroën intends to make digital media central to the experience of ultra-accessible, intuitive and user-friendly mobility that is adapted to all uses. The tool exhibited on the stand adopts a customer perspective, devising the most adapted journey to their needs. The system rethinks the customer journey and offers customers “à la carte” use ranging from five minutes to five years and spanning carsharing, rental and purchase. It includes a special mobile app that motorists use to manage their relationship with the object, providing access to a portal of services that simplify each journey.


  • The sound identity of Ami One Concept, a sound ambiance for a different experience of the city

Citroën places a strong focus on music in its communication. Back in 1985, the Brand worked together with artists such as Grace Jones, and more recently, in 2001, with Alain Bashung. The Brand introduced a new baseline in 2016, “Inspired by You”. The change was accompanied by a new sound strategy and the Brand called on the Start-Rec ad agency to work with it on all points of contact. This included the sound ambiance at dealerships, the synchronisation and original composition of advertising music, and the search for new bands to bring to the public eye.

With Ami One Concept, Citroën is taking things further in terms of sound by extending its sound identity to the design of its products. Start-Rec has created a sound design consistent with the Brand’s universe and values, “human”, “feel good” and “smart”. The agency worked on the basis of acoustic sounds, alternating male and female voices for an original note, while addressing the safety of the environment around Ami One Concept. For safety reasons, since 1 January 2019 all electric vehicles have been required to emit an artificial sound at low speeds to alert pedestrians of their proximity. Citroën has been working on sound design and future mobility for several years now.


  • The Citroënist Editorializer, an editorial platform to help the media access the right information

Citroën is inspired by people and their way of life, and equally inspired by journalists and their work.  The Brand is innovating with the presentation of the first editorial web platform designed specially for journalists, The Citroënist Editorializer. The platform gathers all the communication issued by Citroën (press releases, photos, videos, social media) and provides access to non-filtered news pieces connected to the Brand, as well as the automotive industry as a whole and inspiring topics. The platform also aggregates news feeds for the Relaxnews press agency and its partner, AFP. Accessed via all devices (smartphone, tablet, computer), the platform is a source of information for journalists at all times.


  • The Citroën Lifestyle Boutique, devoted to the Brand universe

Addressing children and adults alike, the Lifestyle Boutique showcases fun and innovative merchandising including the Citroën Origins, Ami One Concept, Oui Are French and “C” collections. Enthusiasts will be delighted by the miniatures of Ami One Concept, collector models and the current range. Another Citroën innovation available at the boutique is the Seetroën glasses, which do away with travel sickness. All these products are also available on line at



Individual travel is being impacted by major changes in society, including growing urbanisation worldwide, which is leading to congestion in large cities, as well as ultra-connected populations and environmental concerns that are calling into question the idea of ownership itself. One kilometre in three will be shared by 2030. For 20% of Europeans and Americans and 30% of Chinese, carsharing, i.e. self-service cars, fully corresponds to their mobility needs.

By creating universal services adapted to each individual, Free2Move aims by 2030 to become the preferred mobility resource by enabling its customers to travel to the destination of their choice.

In cities, the Free2Move journey app informs users of all the self-service mobility solutions in the vicinity (cars, bicycles, scooters, kick scooters) and chauffeur-driven cars, regardless of the brand. Launched in April 2017, the app is already available in 12 countries and has already been downloaded by 2 million users.

For urban journeys, our carsharing services provide self-service vehicles on the street accessed via smartphone. Already available in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Wuhan and Washington D.C., the fleets of 500 to 1,000 vehicles per city are 100% electric, apart from in Washington D.C. Two hundred and sixty thousand customers have already used these carsharing services.

The F2M Services app – a true travel companion – makes life easier for regular car users. They can use the app to pay for parking (street, car park), pass through toll gates freely, reserve a parking space and benefit from a jockey service And all these services are delivered via a single invoice.

The offering will be extended this year with special services for charging electric vehicles, including the identification of electric charging stations, the best route plan given battery charge, and charging stations along the route.

Free2Move brings companies services to help them manage the mobility of their employees. It comprises three main activities:

•           The possibility of managing fleet performance in real time with Connect Fleet

•           Fleet Sharing to facilitate staff mobility and improve fleet profitability

•           Long-term leasing for the financing of fleets


These three services, designed to adapt to all car brands, may be enjoyed together or separately.

At VivaTech, Citroën, as inspired as ever by its customers and their lifestyles, is showcasing innovations in the digital experience and automotive well-being, each one of which makes motoring easier.



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