2019 is a major year for Citroën.

At 100 years of age, this iconic brand has never been so young.


Citroën is among those heritage brands, with which we have always lived, and which we feel close to. Just by mentioning the 2CV, the Méhari, or the type H, cars associated with the history of all French people…

But Citroën is also a brand with an out of the ordinary advertising legacy. For a start André Citroën, its founder, lit up the Eiffel Tower with the letters of his brand for no fewer than 11 years. Jacques Séguéla took over the reins for decades.

As a result, it could not miss out on its centenary, and with its agency Traction (BETC Group) has put in place an exceptional package to, at 100 years of age, cultivate the same energy which it has always had:

- an innovative process in terms of producing campaigns has been put in place to provide the whole year’s advertising material,
- gatherings of people created across the whole world,
- wide use of social networks with activations giving a voice to fans,
- unveilings of brand new concepts showing the future vision of the Brand.

And still with the same guiding principles: remaining a popular brand in the true sense of the word, with a more relaxed vision of the motor vehicle.

Citroën and its agency Traction (BETC) have therefore put in place a bold and unprecedented organisation in order to design, develop, produce and distribute almost 20 campaigns (TV, print, SoMe, etc.) from the very first few days of the year – the whole of the brand’s advertising package has been renewed in this way.

This organisation has two main virtues: accelerating the awareness of the brand’s transformation, which in 2019 benefitted from a completely renewed range. Also however, refocusing the brand’s advertising speech around cool mobility. Via the strength entrenched in its DNA, comfort, and an endless renewed love for the freedom of movement.

Linda Jackson, Citroën CEO, points out that: “We have undertaken a 360 degree Brand transformation, which simultaneously affects products, services and points of contact, with a new tone of voice in terms of communication which we are deploying throughout the world.”

Bertille Toledano, President of BETC Paris/Traction explains: “At 100 years old, Citroën has never been so contemporary. Its vision of mobility is more cool, its models have more personality and its campaigns, I hope, are more popular.”

With an exceptional package, exceptional organisation.

Almost all of the campaigns for this year were produced between the months of November and December 2018. This required high-level organisation: 15 brand vehicles in action, over 4 weeks of filming, and the Citroën and Traction teams in action on this immense project for several months.

Stéphane Xiberras, President and Creative Director of BETC Paris/Traction commented: “The result is clear. When we look at all of the campaigns which have been developed, we sense a brand which resonates. It does so sometimes more with emotion, sometimes more with humour, but always by ploughing its own furrow, which is as close as possible to people.”

Arnaud Belloni, Citroën Global Marketing Communications – Senior VP, declared: “We are what people see us to be. In terms of communication, our strategy is simple and striking: each campaign, piece of content, action, fulfils three objectives. That of magnifying the Brand, that of ‘storytelling’ and that of impacting. In this way, we tick all the boxes!”


The proof, in images: the 10 campaigns for the year can be seen today, as well as the film unveiling Ami One Concept, the first object of urban mobility which perfectly represents the brand’s innovation and its ‘Inspired by You’.


Ami One Concept is a condensed version of Citroën’s vision of mobility. Electric, liberated mobility, accessible to all. An object that can be driven without a licence, which can be shared, stemming from intelligent design which multiplies the symmetrical components. For this out of the ordinary object and vision, Citroën and its agency Traction (BETC) have chosen an out of the ordinary design. A manifesto film which holds up the notions of freedom and mobility on high, and redefines the automotive dream, which is however so castigated today. With this film, Citroën and Traction strongly assert that they believe in the future of the motor vehicle.

In the production, Jean-Baptiste and Camille (SOLDATS) transform this manifesto with extremely pop, electric and polished images.

In terms of music, an original and spirited composition from START REC adds to the pop dimension of the images.

Take a look at the preview: https://bit.ly/2Guzz36



In one year, Citroën C3 Aircross SUV has become a key player in the SUV market, thanks to its interior space and its wide modularity. In the launch campaign, the car allowed its drivers, thanks to its large boot and its modular rear seats, to open up the field of possibilities for their leisure time: surfing, wrestling, travelling throughout the world…

Today, Citroën and its agency Traction (BETC) continue to speak to these daily adventurers, who want to be able to make the most of all of life’s adventures without restrictions. In this new advert, we follow a group of friends in pursuit of levitating objects in the streets of an urban setting. In the style of a video game, our heroes will experience a new adventure each time that they manage to capture an object. A weekend trip, a barbecue with friends, an afternoon’s diving, a best friend’s wedding or perhaps a rodeo ride?

With this SUV from Citroën, all of life’s adventures become accessible. A more relaxed vision of the SUV, faithful to Citroën’s vision of cool mobility.

In terms of music, ‘Get Up and Dance’ from the French band Waste is in unison with the energy given off by the film.

Take a look at the preview: https://bit.ly/2Guzz36



One month after the international launch of the New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV, Citroën is continuing its global offensive in the SUV segment with “Setting off” (“Partir”), a new film dedicated to the Citroën C3 Aircross SUV and Citroën C5 Aircross SUV vehicles.

In this manifesto with a poetic and light tone created by the agency Traction (BETC), the brand shows off its vision of adventure: the Citroën SUVs pay tribute to people who love spontaneity and escape, but also (and above all) well-being and peace of mind. A vision of SUVs which everyone can identify with.

Thanks to their interior space and many driving aid technologies, the Citroën SUVs provide an experience of both driving and life on board which is just as comfortable as that of an MPV. Liberated from any stress, freed from any causes of friction, desires thereby become ever more accessible and do not need to be compromised, since the unrivalled modularity of the two vehicles allows you to take the comfort of home with you to the other side of the world.

In terms of music, Citroën is once again supporting French creativity by linking up, for the second time, with a young and emerging band: Yeast. It is their track ‘Holy Chapter’ which accompanies the film.

Take a look at the preview: https://bit.ly/2Guzz36



Citroën C4 Cactus is the hatchback which embodies the essence of Citroën Advanced Comfort, thanks in particular to its Suspensions with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, unique to the Brand.

In the world of advertising, this is the model which embodies Citroën’s cool mobility.

Citroën and its agency Traction (BETC) wanted to demonstrate the performance of these suspensions for a second consecutive year. The Mug, absent-mindedly left on a roof last year, gives way here to a dancing figurine placed on the dashboard of C4 Cactus by a young girl. The effect of the suspensions is thereby clearly shown in the contrast between the figurine which stays unshakeable despite the daily bumps of the road, and the growing disbelief of the little girl who is expecting to see it dance.

By taking us inside the hatchback with its Citroën Advanced Comfort Seats, this campaign, like with the C4 Cactus, transports us to a world of relaxation and good humour. In addition, the signature from the launch in 2018 remains: Comfort is the New Cool.

In terms of music, Citroën remains faithful to young French bands with the track ‘Pixies, Sylphs and Fairies’ from Pi Ja Ma.

Take a look: https://bit.ly/2Guzz36



For Citroën, all the members of a family should be able to benefit from the brand’s comfort. Usually, family vehicles proclaim large volume, a large number of seats, or greater practicality. Citroën and its agency Traction (BETC) preferred to highlight a simple advantage to demonstrate comfort: in most cars, the central seat is the least comfortable. However, in the Citroën family range, made up of New Berlingo, C4 Spacetourer, and Spacetourer, even the central seat is just as wide and comfortable as the others.

This design choice, common to all of the vehicles in the family range, derives from Citroën’s ‘Inspired by You’ positioning which looks for inspiration from our daily lives. Children try to put themselves at the centre of attention: between mummy and daddy when they wake up, amongst older family members to play at being adults, or amongst pets for cuddles. For their part, parents place those who they love more than anything else at the centre of their lives. It is therefore normal for Citroën to make this rear central seat, so often castigated, worthy of the Citroën Advanced Comfort built into the brand’s DNA. From now on, the best seat can be at the front, at the sides, and especially in the centre.

A touching campaign, rolled out on the whole Citroën family range, which reminds us of the basics: All the Space to Live Together.

In terms of music, the French indie-pop band Fantastic Mister Zguy and its track ‘Shrimp Fishery’ accompanies the campaign with lightness and good humour, always within Citroën’s strategy of showcasing French musical creation.

Take a look at the preview: https://bit.ly/2Guzz36



Citroën C3 returns to the screen in 2019, building on the ‘Inspired By You’ story and its good results from the 2018 campaign, with two new films inspired by the daily lives of those for whom Citroën C3 provides solutions via its best in class comfort (wider seats), its thirty-six personalisation combinations and its eleven driving aids.

In terms of music, the soundtrack is once again provided by the track ‘Street And Stories’ from the French band Part-time Friends, immediately creating an association for these new films: the duo from Lyon have been supporting C3 since its unveiling in June 2016!

Produced with the same fresh, bright and humorous tone, the two films place the vehicle’s aesthetics and the brand’s demanding nature a cut above! The first presents us with the Citroën C3, inspired by Lucas. Lucas is a big judo fan who will need all of his Citroën C3’s comfort after his martial arts session…

The second presents us with two Citroën C3s, inspired by Marion and Marie. They are twins and like to stand out from each other. However, only in a few ways... which the Citroën C3 allows them to do with its thirty-six personalisation combinations.

Take a look: https://bit.ly/2Guzz36



If Citroën entertained WRC fans in 2018 with “Little Big Racing”, a series of miniature 1/43 scenes which showed legendary stretches from rallies in the race calendar, in 2019 and against the background of the brand’s centenary, Citroën is returning even stronger by presenting: “100 years of Fans”.

In this year of celebration for the Brand, Citroën and Traction (BETC) are remaining faithful to the miniature but are going to explore those who play such a big part in the popularity of rallies: the fans, who often wait for hours by the side of the road to see the WRC racing cars pass by for just a few seconds. 

Once again created by Julien Vray and produced by SOLDATS, Citroën’s fans will in this way be able to explore real scenes where spectators and 14 legendary Citroën vehicles will wait for Sébastien Ogier to pass by. 

On the programme: superb landscapes, pop-culture references, nods to Citroën’s legendary advertisements… https://bit.ly/2Guzz36

Visit Citroën’s Facebook page now to follow “100 years of Fans”: https://www.facebook.com/Citroen



With the ‘Citroën Advanced Comfort’ label, Citroën is refreshing the experience of motoring comfort and in fact the key benefit of its range of hatchbacks. The C1, C3 and C4 Cactus models are more than ever ‘Inspired by You’ by striving for the on-board well-being of users subject to the angsts of the city and the stresses of daily life.

Citroën and its agency Traction simply and cheerfully demonstrate this comfort effect in a new film for the range. A very urban film showing the dilemma of the last available parking space, generally synonymous with a row... apart from when it concerns Citroëns.

In a packed and stress-inducing car park, we will therefore find three drivers endlessly giving up this last free space out of politeness. The film is driven by some masterful acting which brings Citroën back to its years of comedy, without forgetting to cleverly demonstrate the comfort of the vehicles, with their innovative suspensions and sunroof. So many benefits which provide drivers with a certain coolness, because with Citroën, having more comfort means being more cool.

A film which will be used in Citroën countries with considered media plans, on the air from February.

In terms of music, it’s over to a slight ironic shift, thanks to original music composed by Standard and General Pop (BETC).

Take a look at the preview: https://bit.ly/2Guzz36



After the launch of a first 2018 episode of its Brand campaign, Citroën is back with a new version of this film produced alongside the agency Traction. Broadcast internationally, this episode 2 features the hitchhiker once again in four brand new clips, featuring: Jacques Séguéla/Citroën DS, Xsara Picasso, Sébastien Loeb/Citroën Xsara WRC, New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV.

A real ode to freedom, the film shows Citroën’s history which began in 1919: “We have shared the same love of freedom for 100 years”.

With the unveiling of AmiOne Concept, this is the opportunity to complement the Brand film by incorporating this first object of urban mobility!

The images are accompanied by a timeless musical success, “Take the long way home”, sung by Roger Hodgson, co-founder of SUPERTRAMP.

Take a look at the preview: https://bit.ly/2Guzz36



In the film, produced with the agency Traction, the adventure is at the end of the journey, not the other way round, thanks to the many assets of the New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV:

- Fitted with Citroën suspensions with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®, neither storms nor jolts are felt in the passenger compartment,

- With its three individual sliding, retractable and tilting rear seats, nobody feels cramped,

- And with its Best in Class boot from 580 L to 720 L, all of the passengers can take their equipment with them, without compromising.

The film shows Citroën’s new flagship braving the untamed exterior elements, playing on the contrast with its insulated passenger compartment providing benchmark comfort for its 5 occupants. It is followed by the film’s signature: “Real strength comes from the inside”.

In terms of music, Citroën is once again supporting French creativity by associating itself with a young and emerging band: YEAST. It is therefore their track Black nights” which accompanies the film.

Take a look: https://bit.ly/2Guzz36



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