CITROËN Ë-JUMPY AWARDED "VAN OF THE YEAR 2021" BY L'ARGUS | Media Citroen International


  • After claiming the prestigious “International Van of the Year 2021” award in late 2020, Citroën ë-Jumpy has today won the “Van of the Year 2021” prize during the 28th ceremony held by L’Argus, which was focussed this year on electrification. . It is the 4th prize of its kind won after Jumper in 2007, Berlingo in 2016 and Berlingo Van in 2019.
  • Awarded by a jury of journalists, valuation experts and professionals, the distinction acknowledges the relevance of the model and the quality of the services provided by Citroën aimed at building a relationship of trust with its professional customers.
  • The electric version of Jumpy targets professionals requiring a versatile light commercial vehicle for fulfilling their day-to-day tasks with complete peace of mind thanks to the vehicle’s range of up to 330 km (WLTP cycle), including deliveries in regulated urban areas as well as lengthier journeys, while optimising costs in use.
  • ë-Jumpy’s electric engine improves driving pleasure and onboard well-being. The batteries are housed under the floor to preserve useful volume and payload, making Jumpy a benchmark in its segment.
  • L’Argus award recognises the expertise and know-how of the Citroën network teams, who respond on a daily basis to the new mobility challenges of professionals.

“All Citroën teams are extremely proud of the ‘Van of the Year 2021’ award won by ë-Jumpy. The electric version of Jumpy brings companies of all sizes concrete solutions to new mobility challenges. The product aside, the prize acknowledges the relationship of trust that we have successfully built over the years with those professionals seeking for efficient and responsible mobility. Our aim is to innovate in our products and services to bring them more ease of use and well-being in their daily lives through customised solutions. This award, conferred by a jury of expert journalists, will help us to achieve the commercial goals we have for this model.”

Vincent Cobée  -  CEO of Citroën






After being named “International Van of the Year 2021” by the members of the I-VOTY jury in December 2020, Citroën ë-Jumpy has today claimed the “Van of the Yerar 2021” prize from L’Argus. The distinction supplements and strengthens the sales success of Jumpy, which in 2020 ranked in the top-three best-selling compact vans in France with a 15.2% market share. The L’Argus prize is particularly important as it is awarded by a combined jury comprising journalists, valuation experts and professionals involved specifically in light commercial vehicle issues. It underlines once again Citroën’s determination to squarely address the new requirements of professionals in terms of products and services.


ë-Jumpy is a response to the new mobility challenges of professionals and tradespeople. It provides extensive versatility in use and stands as a concrete and easy solution for accessing regulated urban areas, complying with the CO2 emissions reduction commitments of fleets, and adapting to new business activities such as last-mile deliveries, a result of the rise of e-commerce. Citroën’s objective with ë-Jumpy is to provide each motorist with a needs-adapted offer through the diversity of the range and offer them even greater peace of mind thanks to the benefits of electric mobility, which add to Jumpy’s recognised qualities.


ë-Jumpy is available with two ranges according to the business and budget of professionals: 230 km (WLTP) for the 50 kWh battery and 330 km (WLTP) for the 75 kWh battery. These offerings are particularly relevant in a market in which our data show that nearly 83% of professionals drive under 200 km a day and that nearly 44% of them never drive more than 300 km a day. Today, over 75% of customers opt for the high-capacity battery, affording them complete peace of mind in their daily work together with unprecedented driving comfort thanks to electric mode. ë-Jumpy’s 100 kW motor effortlessly reaches a top speed of 130 km/h with torque immediately available on starting without changing gears and entirely noise- and vibration-free.


ë-Jumpy can be easily charged at home (mode 2 cable with standard 8A socket or a Green’Up 16A enhanced socket), at a private or public charging station (mode 3 32A cable sur Wallbox) or a super-fast public charging station that can recharge 80% of the battery in just 30 minutes. Electric energy also brings drivers greater control over their costs in use. 


ë-Jumpy boasts the same proven features as those on the combustion version, including the variety of body styles, a height of 1.90 m designed for access to all car parks, useful volume of up to 6.6 m3, payload of 1,275 kg, and the versatility provided notably by Moduwork, which converts the front area of the vehicle into a mobile office.


The award also recognises the expertise of the teams of the Citroën network and its Business Centers, which support professional customers in their mobility projects by developing bespoke solutions in terms of vehicle choice, acquisition method, fleet management and the optimisation of cost in use.