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AG2R CITROËN TEAM: a unique and daring jersey !

  • Reveal of the new jersey AG2R CITROËN TEAM
  • As from January 1, 2021, CITROËN becomes title co-sponsor

Vincent Lavenu, Managing Director, as well as his entire team, AG2R LA MONDIALE and CITROËN, are proud to unveil the new jersey for the AG2R CITROËN TEAM.

Starting on January 1, 2021, AG2R LA MONDIALE, longtime title partner, and Vincent Lavenu will welcome CITROËN as title co-sponsor. The two organizations are jointly committed until 2025. This jersey embodies an unprecedented collaboration and opens the first pages of a new chapter in the history of the team.

 Designing the AG2R CITROËN TEAM jersey represented a challenge for the cycling team and its two main partners. It took five months of graphic collaboration to create an identity which is not defined by a mix of multiple brands but that made the striking choice of a white jersey paired with brown bib shorts. The strong graphics will make it stand out as unique in the peloton. It is an ideal way to illustrate the shared sense of boldness and big ambitions that unite and ally the sponsoring partners.


Vincent Lavenu, General Manager pro Cycling Team: "A jersey unites our entire team, from the riders to members of staff and the management. It is also a visual rallying point for our fans. This AG2R CITROËN TEAM jersey marks the start of a new chapter in our history. It is the result of a creative collaboration between AG2R LA MONDIALE and CITROËN, based on common values. I am very proud of the result. Our graphic identity evolves but our core identity does not change. We can't wait to see our riders start racing wearing their new AG2R CITROËN TEAM kits. "


Clément Champoussin, a promising young rider on the cycling team: "We are going to start a new adventure and this jersey is the best illustration of that! Very rarely have I had the opportunity to ride in a predominantly white jersey. I was happy to see this was the end result of the design process. It has a pleasing aesthetic, and it is atypical. I arrived at Chambéry Cyclisme Formation in 2017 before turning professional in April 2020. It was a very special year for me. I can't wait to wear the AG2R CITROËN TEAM jersey in races and to contribute to this new chapter for the team.”


Laurent Barria, Director Marketing and Communications CITROËN : "We are proud of Citroën becoming a partner of the France Cyclisme team led by Vincent Lavenu alongside AG2R LA MONDIALE. This team shares our values of audacity, performance, exemplarity and proximity to the public and all cycling enthusiasts. The revelation of the new identity of the AG2R CITROËN TEAM and its jersey is a founding act in our collaboration. Its graphic design and bold typographic choices perfectly illustrate our ambition in this partnership that we imagine to be promising on the roads of major international events."


André Renaudin, CEO of AG2R LA MONDIALE: "AG2R Prévoyance and then AG2R LA MONDIALE have been working alongside Vincent Lavenu and his team for 23 years. This long-term support has enabled him to progress and to grow. We welcome CITROËN to allow the team to take a new step in its development and to help it perform well in the biggest races of the WorldTour. The evolution of the jersey, with its bold graphics, is a strong symbol of this. It is how we visually welcome CITROËN to the heart of our AG2R LA MONDIALE brand.”


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