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A year and a half after its launch, and after two films featuring a young couple, Citroën C3, which has already sold over 270,000 units, returns to TV with a new campaign from TRACTION agency. The first advertisement is inspired by Antoine, whose head is a little in the clouds, so that the Active Safety Brake (automatic emergency braking) protects him from an awkward situation! Three other films will follow along the same lines, featuring real-life situations demonstrating one of the 11 driving aids and the unique customisation of C3. Have a look at them online with the French film:

This film fits more than ever into the 'Inspired by You' Brand strategy

The new Citroën campaign starts today with a first film on the Active Safety Brake (automatic emergency braking). In this film, the character is called Antoine. Antoine is distracted and it is with him in mind that Citroën has equipped C3 with emergency braking assistance. But in fact, Antoine is not the C3 driver, so who is? See the answer by checking out the advertisement!


This film is the first in a new series for Citroën C3. This series focuses mainly on the 11 driving aid technologies which constitute a real feature of superiority of the car. These driving aid technologies are a perfect illustration of the Brand’s ‘Inspired by You’ positioning because, over and above technical performance, they constitute an aid to the driver, and even to the pedestrian. It is because Citroën knows that you can be distracted, tired, etc. at the wheel of your car or when preparing to cross the road that Citroën C3 is equipped with many driving aid technologies.


A new series made up of 4 films

Two other films on driving aid technologies will follow, featuring other drivers who have inspired Citroën C3, and a 4th film on customisation, another strength of the car with its 36 customisation combinations. Whether it is for Martin, Agathe or Frank, for whom certain moments of daily life are found in the advertisements for C3, Citroën stands out as a popular brand in the true sense of the word: a brand which makes people and their ways of life its main source of inspiration.

Shot in Barcelona and broadcast in versions of 20, 25 and 30 seconds, the campaign starts on 22 January in France with the 1st film. It will also be supplemented by a print campaign, inspired by C3 owners, in the same vein.

This international campaign is broadcast from the 1st quarter of 2018, starting in Italy, Spain and Switzerland in January.



Citroën C3 and Part Time Friends, the story continues

The great story between Citroën C3 and the French group Part Time Friends carries on with this new campaign: the duo has accompanied the car since its first presentation to the press in June 2016 and on the first commercials. In these, we found a young couple using C3 to address messages which were just as important as their format was original, with a marriage proposal and the announcement of a joyous occasion!

Today, with the new C3 campaign, the story carries on with ‘Streets and Stories’.

It is the 1st track from the second album of Part Time Friends. It is worth noting that its video was shot in Tokyo, when the group came to the live concert given by Citroën during the launch of C3 in Japan in 2017. 
A nice nod from Pauline and Florent, the group’s duo, to their chevron-shaped guardian angel?


To take a look at the 1st Frecnh film of the new Citroën C3 campaign:






Arnaud Belloni

Claudine Borel



Chief Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras

Creative Director: Nicolas Lautier

Artistic Director: Damien Binello

Copywriter: Elise Baudour

Agency Heads: Bertille Toledano, Hugues Reboul

Commercial Director: Emmanuelle Woehrel

Group Manager: Pierre Jean Fardin



Producer: Jean Ozannat

Director: Didier Barcelo



The Citroën brand

As an international automotive brand at the heart of the mainstream market, Citroën has cultivated boldness and creativity since 1919. Standing apart through their design and ensuring well-being through comfort and technology, Citroën cars like the New C3 and the New C3 Aircross Compact SUV, bring a breath of fresh air to the automotive world. The brand is popular in its noblest sense: its main source of inspiration is people and their lifestyles. This spirit is captured in its signature: “Inspired By You”. It also finds expression through a unique customer experience with its city store concept ‘La Maison Citroën’, its online opinion site ‘Citroën Advisor’ and mobility solutions such as Citroën Rent & Smile and Citroën Earn & Drive. With 10,000 sales and after-sales points in nearly 80 countries, Citroën sold over 1.1 million vehicles in 2017. The Brand has also amassed eight Manufacturers’ titles in the World Rally Championship and won three consecutive Manufacturers’ title in the FIA World Touring Car Championship. - Press site:




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