Tue, 30/10/2018 - 10:00

In just a couple of months, children, and parents too, will be able to find the presents left under the Christmas tree by Santa Claus. Citroën Lifestyle products, inspired by the Citroën brand, all make original gifts: the SEETROËN glasses, the brand new “Oui are French” and “C” collections, the essential miniatures, or the irresistible Petite Rosalie ride-on car toy. The range of Citroën Lifestyle products is available online in the lifestyle.citroen.com e-boutique with deliveries possible in ten European countries.

Children have always been important in the history of the company, with the first Citroën toys designed in 1924. This year our Christmas selection is no exception. Our Citroën Origins collection is ideal for very small children taking their first steps and playing their first games, whilst our miniatures will delight and surprise children who are collectors:


  • Have you ever seen a Citroën Type H… made out of wood? Now you have! Small children can take their first steps with this wooden toy (dimensions: height 10 cm; length 18 cm; width 5 cm) in tow, thanks to its cord with a handle in the shape of a moustache, a reference to the famous moustache of André Citroën, founder of the company – Price: €25
  • Our puzzle with wooden parts in the shape of Citroën cars will familiarise infants with the Citroën universe. Hours of fun! – Price: €14
  • Designed with young collectors (over 3) in mind, the collection of wooden miniatures of the 2CV, Traction Avant, Rosalie, Méhari and Type H have a retro, streamlined look, and are easily identifiable by car enthusiasts – Price: €12 each / €48 for the box-set of 5 miniatures
  • Paying homage to the legendary record-breaking Rosalie of 1933, known for its outstanding performances on the Montlhéry motor-racing track, the Petite Rosalie ride-on toy car is the ideal present for young car enthusiasts. This ride-on car is the fruit of a unique collaboration between Citroën and the French pedal car specialist Baghera – Price: €129
  • Our latest 1/64 scale miniatures of the brand's vehicles, whether contemporary or vintage, will give children (and adults too!) the opportunity to retrace Citroën’s history - Price: €5

    -      Traction Avant : Available in black, blue, ivory and red/black

    -      2CV : Available models are 2CV Mandarin orange (1979-1980), 2CV Special Citron yellow (1975-1978), 2CV Palm Grove green (1973-1974), 2CV Petrol blue (1975-1976)

    -      Méhari : Available in Kirghiz Orange, Atacama Yellow and Turquoise Blue


Next to our iconic models, new Citroën range 1/64 scale models will help you continue your collection - Price: €5

  • New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV: Available in red, white or Tijuca blue
  • New Citroën Berlingo: Available in sand, green, gey or blue
  • New Citroën Berlingo Van: Available in blue, white or red
  • New Citroën C4 Cactus: Available in emerald,white, grey or purple
  • New Citroën C3 Aircross SUV: Available in Sand with black roof, White with black roof, Orange with black roof, Grey with white roof and Blue


And for grown-ups?

Adults are also entitled to make a wish-list for Santa Claus. And the Citroën Lifestyle Boutique can help them with gift ideas:


  • In need for an original and useful gift? There you have it! Offer our SEETROËN glasses as a present. SEETROËN, the very first glasses to do away with motion sickness. The paramedical glasses are equipped with moving coloured liquid in the rings around the eyes, recreating the line of the horizon to resolve the sense-based conflict that causes motion sickness – Price: 99
  • The new “Oui are French” collection, a symbol of a global brand which is proud of its French origins, will enable patriots to proudly display their colours, notably with this men's/women's sweater and the – Price: 35 [Also note the following products in this collection: men's/women's T-shirt (€18), portable battery (€28), mug (€14), tote bag (€7), case of 4 badges (€4)]
  • With its blue and red colours, the new C collection is an elegant and casual prêt-à-porter and accessories collection, whose C badge is inspired by the English nautical clubs. It includes weekend bags and rucksacks, ideal for city breaks or something more sporty, and this long, light and warm scarf – Price: €36 for the weekend bag / €40 for the rucksack / €20 for the scarf [The C collection includes other articles: beanie hat (€18), watch (€25), case (€10)]
  • Four watches, with an extremely sporty, elegant and sleek design, will delight those who like to use their time wisely: watches for men X_40, X_40 Chrono and X_43 Camo – Price: €79, €105 and €125; watch for women X_33 – Price: €75
  • It goes without saying that collectors of miniatures have not been forgotten! The Citroën Lifestyle boutique offers collectors a large range of 1/43 scale novelties: New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV, New Citroën C4 Cactus. Allowing collectors to be up-to-date with the new Citroën range, renewed in the space of two years. Vintage car lovers are also catered for, with the 2CV, which celebrates its 70th birthday this year: an excellent reason to add this 2CV Dolly to your collection!
  •  New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV: Available in white or red with silver
  • New Citroën C4 Cactus: Available in emerald or white

Price: €37 per contemporary model / €36 per vintage model



All these ideas for original gifts can be found in the Citroën Lifestyle e-boutique: www.lifestyle.citroen.com. We can deliver to ten European countries: Metropolitan France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom.