Today marks the launch of Citroën’s brand-new C-Elysée, a saloon earmarked for the international market. The model has already been a runaway success on two fronts, selling more than 400,000 units on major markets such as China, Turkey and Algeria since its release in late 2012, and winning three consecutive FIA WTCC Manufacturers' championship titles. The C-Elysée has now had a facelift, gaining more prestigious styling, 3D rear lights, new hubcaps and 16” alloy wheels, and two new body colours. Already known for its spacious, comfortable interior, the updated model now comes with Citroën Connect Radio and Citroën Connect Nav with 7” touchscreen technology. The new C-Elysée will be released in Q1 2017.



The Citroën C-Elysée is packed with the Brand’s know-how and expertise. Primarily designed for international markets, its styling and features make it the ideal choice for customers seeking a prestigious yet affordable saloon. The model was released to the Mediterranean market in late 2012 and China in late 2013. It has gone on to be the Brand’s best-seller on major markets such as China, Turkey and Algeria, selling more than 400,000 units worldwide to date. Some 117,000 C-Elysée models were registered in 2015, including around 90,000 in China alone. This year, the Brand has started accepting orders for the model in other European countries, taking over markets previously served by external agents.


The C-Elysée’s commercial success in key markets comes on the back of its stunning performances in the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). Citroën has taken a clean sweep in the last three years, with three consecutive Manufacturers’ championship titles and three Drivers' championship wins under its belt. The pioneering C-Elysée WTCC has earned a sterling reputation and paved the way for a fresh sporting challenge, as the new Citroën C3 looks to take on the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).





The C-Elysée is a visually appealing and finely poised saloon, epitomising the very best of the three-box body shape. The latest version has had a full makeover, with a new bumper that reflects the hallmark styling found on other Citroën saloons destined for the international market. The result is a more robust, wider model that exudes prestige.


The new, broader radiator grill and chrome-plated chevrons blend seamlessly into the redesigned headlights, which are larger than on the previous model and come with two modern-looking chrome-plated spots. The unbroken lines between the radiator grill and the headlights create an illusion of extra width, reinforced by the horizontal air inlet at the bottom of the bumper and the redesigned fog lights. The result is a car that is both more poised in appearance and safer to drive. The brand-new LED lighting strip above the fog lights adds to the model’s visual appeal and prestige.


When viewed from the rear, the new C-Elysée boasts 3D-effect lights that chime with the Brand’s hallmark styling, making the car appear wider and adding a touch of elegance. The 16” wheels come with two new features – a two-tone “3D” hubcap and “San Diego” alloy rims with diamond-effect finish – that echo the new front-end styling, inject renewed energy into the model’s look and reinforce the contrast of the body shape. The updated C-Elysée is available in two new, more modern body colours – Lazuli Blue replaces Télès Blue, while Aluminium Grey gives way to Steel Grey. 


Inside, the luxurious dashboard features a decorative strip on the passenger side that reflects the chosen trim. The interior materials are elegant, hardwearing and extremely easy to clean. The dashboard has been redesigned to accommodate the new 7” touchscreen interface, bringing the new C-Elysée up to date with the latest cutting-edge technology. The instrument cluster boasts bold, visually appealing dials that enhance the driver’s experience. Luxury models come with a new white-back panel between the two dials, showing driving information.





The new C-Elysée is a comfortable, spacious model packed with the Brand’s knowledge and expertise. With the very latest innovations in suspension, build quality and technology, it is the ideal option for customers who want a visually appealing yet affordable saloon. With outstanding road-holding performance, the C-Elysée makes an extremely comfortable tourer on any surface. Despite its compact appearance, the model’s 506-litre boot means it competes with larger-class vehicles on space. The Citroën C-Elysée is a modern, spacious saloon that is as robust as it is elegant. And like all Citroën models, it reflects the Brand’s commitment to bringing cutting-edge technology to all. The new C-Elysée comes with a reversing camera and the very latest radio and navigation technologies, all connected to a 7” touchscreen interface:


  • Citroën Connect Radio: The new-generation 7” touchscreen delivers a faster, more responsive driver experience. The interface can be used to control the following functions: telephone (connect via Bluetooth, access the phone directory and use the dual call feature), multimedia (listen to music from a smartphone, use Android Auto & Apple CarPlay to access smartphone apps via the Mirror Screen), and audio controls (use the steering wheel buttons to control four speakers and AM/FM radio). The model also comes with voice recognition technology, allowing drivers to control telephone and media functions without using their hands.


  • Citroën Connect Nav: With Citroën’s new 3D, touchscreen, real-time navigation system, drivers can use the two-finger pinch gesture to control zoom, while the enhanced maps provide an improved navigation experience. The system includes 3D depictions of major European cities and tourist attractions and renders terrain in a realistic way, while the arrow system helps drivers choose the right lane on more complex roads. As the vehicle approaches a difficult junction, a pop-up window appears showing the intersection in detail, along with the relevant signs.

In some locales, the system also offers a series of new, connected services:

  • Traffic Pack: real-time traffic status updates and alternative route suggestions from TomTom, local weather forecasts, local car parks and petrol stations (including prices), and an online search engine for local points of interest.
  • Alert Pack: hazard alerts (speed cameras displayed on the map).
  • Update Pack: update the maps and software via USB stick.


The new C-Elysée is available with a range of powerful and understated engines, with different options offered according to region. The PureTech 82 petrol engine comes with a manual, while the VTi 115 is available with a manual gearbox or the latest-generation six-speed EAT6 automatic gearbox. The model is also available with either the HDi 92 or the BlueHDi 100 diesel options.


The new C-Elysée is manufactured in Vigo, Spain, and will go on sale in Q1 2017. The Chinese version, built in Wuhan, will also feature similar upgrades and is pegged for release in Q1 2017.



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