Mon, 08/04/2019 - 13:45
  • Citroën has won the “Best TV Sponsorship” award in the UK for the “First Dates” campaign broadcast launched in 2018 on Channel 4 for the programme of the same name
  • The campaign features Citroën’s French romantic expert providing advice on how to find love
  • The prize recognises the creativity and the results obtained with the films which can be seen here:

The partnership embarked in 2018 between Citroën UK and the “First Dates” programme on Channel 4 has been recognised by the “Best TV Sponsorship” award. The prize rewards the effectiveness and excellence across all sectors of the sponsorship, partnership and brand activation industries in the UK.. The campaigns are held under the spotlight, objectives are examined and tested, creativity and innovation are judged and results are scrutinised by experts in their specialist fields.


Citroën’s sponsorship of “First Dates” began in January 2018 for a two years partnership. In addition to the idents for the programme, Citroën has also created a series of videos that humorously depict the themes of the popular show. The videos consist of featuring Citroën’s French romantic expert providing advice on how to find love whilst at the same time showcasing all the features of the vehicle that people are going to love!.


The success of the campaign was confirmed by independent research showing that the sponsorship helped Citroën to obtain the best re-appraisal level ever recorded on the channel by a car brand, doubling its score from 33% to 66%.

TV viewers are as head over heels for Citroën as the motorists are for each other in the videos!


More romance is in store in 2019 with the continuation of the partnership and novelties:

  • A serie of new films, fun scenes inside Citroën models in which drivers and passengers, carried away by the Brand’s charm, start speaking in French and succumb to the charms of their co-travellers.
  • the Citroën ‘Matchmaker quiz launched online, to help customers find their perfect Citroën. Over 3,000 prospective customers have already built their “dating profile” with their perfect Citroën on the basis of their answers, leading to requests for information and test drive “dates”!



Link to videos:

Link to the quiz:   quiz matchmaker





The Citroën brand

At the heart of the automotive market, Citroën has since 1919 stood as a popular brand in the noble sense of the term, its main source of inspiration being people and their lifestyles. This spirit is underlined by its baseline “Inspired by You” and embodied by cars boasting unique styling and benchmark comfort. Citroën also stands out among mainstream carmakers by bringing its customers a singular experience, for example with Citroën Advisor and “La Maison Citroën”. In 2018 the Brand sold 1.05 million vehicles in over 80 countries.

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