At Shanghai Motorshow 2019, the Brand Citroën is celebrating 100 years of boldness and innovation dedicated to comfort and freedom of movement and focusing on the future by highlighting its:

  • Heritage - Exhibition of a Traction, an iconic model cloaked in the colours of the centenary.
  • Momentum - A renewed range adapted to the expectations of Chinese customers, driven by the SUV offensive, with the recently launched New C3-XR SUV alongside C4 Aircross SUV and C5 Aircross SUV; and the offensive in the sedan segment, with an upgraded C4 L, rounding out the range composed of C-Elysée, C4, C5 and C6. These models in reference to the new Origins Collector’s Edition combine harmonious styling and outstanding comfort drawing on 100 years of expertise.
  • Vision of the future - The Chinese debut of Ami One Concept, a disruptive object with a unique character, 2 seats and a 100% electric drive train, placing digital technology at the heart of the new urban mobility experience, with more freedom and peace of mind, in response to new issues of the futur, which are particularly sensitive in China;

A unique space, both stylish and comfortable, the Dongfeng Citroën stand will open to the press on 16th of April.


Present for 27 years, the brand is a long-standing marketplayer in China, which is Citroën’s number-two market worldwide behind France, with more than 113.000 registrations in 2018 and as such is of considerable importance. In a particularly competitive market, owing to the number of carmakers and pressure on prices for mainstream brands, Dongfeng Citroën has kicked off the new year with major ambitions, driven by the SUV offensive – with three models launched in under 2 years, including New SUV C3-XR, currently in the launch phase – together with the modernisation of its sedans and the restructuring of its network.




From Geneva to Shanghai, with Ami One Concept, the first of two concept vehicles celebrating the centenary, Citroën expresses a new vision of urban mobility responding to new behaviour and the challenge of the energy transition. Since 1919, Citroën’s story has always mirrored its times, with non-conformist and revolutionary vehicles that have become icons in the hearts of motorists. A century later, the Brand is reinventing itself and unveiling to Chinese customers its uninhibited approach to urban mobility. Similar to the 2 CV in its day, Ami One Concept advocates the freedom of movement for all and possesses all the potential of an urban and popular automotive icon!

Ami One Concept is a free and responsible mobility solution particularly adapted to the issues of Chinese cities. A disruptive, trendy and protective object with an ultra-compact body and powered 100% by electricity, it enables two people to travel freely around the city. Ami One Concept places digital ressources at the heart of an affordable, simple and carefree mobility experience. Accessible to all (without a driving licence) and adapted to each person (“on demand” experience from 5 minutes to 5 years), and managed by a special mobile app, Ami One Concept will be exhibited in motion on the “La Maison Citroën” stand!


The concept vehicle illustrates Citroën’s vision of freedom in the city: #LibertyElectriCityMobility.


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-Pursuing the SUV offensive with New C3-XR

To boost its presence in the SUV market – the highest-potential segment in China – Citroën possesses a harmonious range of three modern and high-tech SUVs, all of them launched in under 2 years. With a distinctive personality and modern technologies, New C4-XR SUV stands as an affordable, attractive and versatile offer alongside C4 Aircross SUV and C5 Aircross SUV, two SUV offering a bold design and more comfort.


New C3-XR SUV, currently in the launch phase, succeeds a successful model produced at Wuhan and having already sold in nearly 180,000 units in China since launch in late 2014. The styling of New C3-XR SUV has been substantially upgraded to boost its appeal. It keeps all of its youthful spirit and spaciousness but demonstrates greater Citroën kinship, adopting a more playful attitude and extended customisation possibilities with touches of colour. New C3-XR SUV is also available with new technologies, including an HSAE infotainment system with a 9-inch touchscreen, while prices are more attractive for the same impressive comfort in use. It rounds out a core-market offering alongside C4 Aircross SUV and C5 Aircross SUV.


Key points:

-New C3-XR SUV incorporates the Brand's latest styling cues. The robust and reassuring vertically-styled front end and high-set, convex and hollowed bonnet give the model a “go-anywhere” look. The light signature is inspired by the CXperience concept car, with a new approach to the integration of the main headlights, in the continuity of the slimmer, V-shaped chevrons.

-With the touches of colour available, New C3-XR SUV customers can choose between three exterior combinations to create a car in their own image: White/Red Color Pack, Ginger Brown/Silver Color Pack, and Tourmaline Red/Silver Color Pack. For an even more dynamic look, the lower bumper is equipped with Silver fairing that boosts the all-road nature of the car, for freedom and adventure regardless of the conditions.

-The sides of New C3-XR keep all their strengths, with uniquely designed Silver roof bars that extend all the way to the back of the rear doors to emphasise the impression of interior space.

-The new model has a wheelbase of 2,650 mm, the longest in the B-SUV segment, for spaciousness and versatility in use.

-The rear lights of C3-XR SUV with their sculpted modelling express greater character and showcase the new light signature with four rectangular modules on each side.

-The Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme having informed the design of the car is immediately perceptible inside. The driver’s station is consistent with the Brand’s latest models, while the seats are comfortable and welcoming, the materials warm and the cabin bathed in light thanks to the panoramic glass roof.

-New C3-XR SUV meets the needs of the most demanding customers in terms of styling, spaciousness, safety, quality and driving pleasure, and appeals to young, tech-savvy customers. Drivers get even more technology, including Grip Control and the new HSAE infotainment system on a 9-inch floating screen, together with two USB sockets and Apple CarPlay, Baidu Carlife and MirrorLink smartphone compatibility.


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-Citroën strengthens its presence in the sedan segment with upgrades to C4 L

Dongfeng Citroën’s range in the key segment of three-box sedans, including C-Elysée, is showcased on the stand in the shape of 3 key models adapted to the expectations of the Chinese market:


- C4 L: the C-segment sedan, with prestigious and modern styling through well-balanced proportions, having received slight upgrades for 2019.

- C5: a modern and expressive sedan designed for the most demanding Chinese customers, launched in 2017. It features elegant styling and places the emphasis on modernity and comfort for a completely serene on-board experience.

- C6: a prestigious sedan reflecting the brand’s ability to move in to an essential high-end segment in China. C6 is equipped with top-level interior features (roominess, high-quality materials and useful technologies enhancing the comfort of all passengers).


Launched in late 2012 in China and restyled, the Lounge version Citroën C4 L is dedicated to the Chinese market and produced locally at Wuhan. Citroën C4 L has been upgraded slightly in spring 2019 in terms of styling and technology. True three-box model, C4 L in its Lounge version keeps all of its prestigious and modern styling through well-balanced proportions. Faithful to the Brand's styling cues and values, the high-end C-segment sedan gains a more contemporary interior, even more creative technologies (dashboard with a new touchscreen) and top-flight interior features for comfort and well-being.


Key points:

-C4 L keeps its broad chrome-plated grille and light signature, while adopting new tinted LED headlights (fog lamps removed) and a new rear bumper design (tailpipe trim removed).

-From the side, C4 L keeps its elegant three-box profile (4.62 m long) with a generous wheelbase (2.71 m) and spacious boot (440 litres). It boasts well-balanced proportions for extra comfort, especially for rear passengers. Along with record spaciousness in the segment, C4 L is also equipped with highly comfortable rear seats with enveloping bases.

-Inside, C4 L is home to a prestigious driver’s station with superior finish quality, including a new steering wheel, new door panels and new upholstery. The styling of the upper façade has also been upgraded.

-C4 L brings occupants comfort and safety through a range of in-car technologies. The dashboard now includes a new 9-inch touchscreen (navigation, telephony, music) and the model gains an electric parking brake.

-Acoustic comfort remains exceptional thanks to optimised soundproofing and inimitable Citroën road feel.


-Origins Collector’s Edition

To celebrate its centennial year on the stand at Shanghai, Citroën is unveiling its collector edition named “Origins”, launched internationally. Common to several vehicles in the chinese range which carry the Citroën product identity, with a strongly-styled message and the embodiment of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, this edition have acquired special restyled colours and materials echoing the Manufacturer’s past and highlighting their meticulous and exclusive customisation inside and out.


Following models are exhibited: SUV C5 AIRCROSS, SUV C4 Aircross, New SUV C3-XR, C5 and C6

-Each model is available in a unique stylish and tastefulbody colour White

-Connecting to the past, the collector edition features “Origins” customisation, with bronze coloured design components as a nod to the original gear wheel. In the same spirit, the models are also available with:

-A special bronze Colour Pack with fog lamp, Airbump® surrounds, centre caps  (depending on vehicle), as well as an “Origins since 1919sticker on the front doors of each vehicle

-An harmonious interior styling with Chiné Grey cloth upholstery with Bronze top-stitching, a dashboard strip and special protective mats front (depending on model).





The Citroën stand at Auto Shanghai 2019 reflects the Brand's transformation with a combination of design and comfort in its architecture and materials. Pure, dynamic, warm and digital, the stand has been transformed into a playground for Ami One Concept. The new 900 m2 showcase plunges visitors into the world of Citroën. Visitors also get to travel in time through two spaces with distinct ambiances and home to an icon from the past, major current models and a vision of the future with a new global mobility experience, set free by an intuitive and accessible digital ecosystem represented by a digital customer experience simulator.


-“La Maison Citroën” zone

Visitors enter the stand through an archway sporting the Citroën identity, taking on the silhouette of a house, above which rises a “Citroën Origins” logo coloured in bronze. This initial welcome area contains comfortable armchairs and wall-inserted digital screens that visitors can use to browse the Citroën Origins website home to all Citroën’s historical models. The space leads to a flight of chevrons suspended over current range cars and one iconic model with a contemporary look, the Traction, in a nod to the centenary. They are laid out in a large chevron shape on a wood-finished floor reflecting the meticulous care paid to the slightest detail.


For the centenary celebrations, stands a Traction Avant belonging to a Chinese customer that has been updated to reflect today’s tastes. With its revolutionary technical innovations, the Traction Avant opened the way to the modern automobile in 1934. A true icon, it has been embellished with colours and materials work echoing the “Origins” Collector Editions. An identical treatment to the chinese exhibited models, with a White body paint and a bronze-coloured logo on the front doors in reference to Citroën’s history.


-“Le Comptoir Ami One” zone

The second area, spacious and colourful, features the Ami One Concept colours, while the façade is dominated by the #LibertyElectriCityMobility manifesto. Expressing a vision of the future through its design and content, the space is also the venue 3 times a day of the “The Place to C” Live Performance. The bold staging created for the disruptive electric urban mobility object makes visitors a key part of the action, thanks to the new tiered arena. A highlight of the stand, Ami One Concept takes on a new dimension by appearing in its own “playground”, in a dynamic presentation similar to that at the Geneva Motor Show, for which Citroën won the “2019 Creativity Award”. When not on the move, Ami One Concept is on show on a podium including a charging station as part of a highly graphic display. Citroën is also presenting its “Comptoir Ami One” counter with a “digital customer experience simulator” previewing a possible automatic distributor for Ami One Concept in urban environments, from information on the product through to delivery. The tool presented on the stand helps to reflect the customer experience and retrace the journey the most adapted to their needs. Looking over this area is a mezzanine including a VIP area and “The Citroënist Café”.


-“Le Petit Citroën” boutique

At the centre of the stand, Citroën has redesigned its “Le Petit Citroën” boutique, dedicating it to the young and less young. The Lifestyle boutique features two large screens on both sides and inside showcases fun and innovative merchandising including the new collection of accessories in the colours of the centenary and Ami One Concept. These products are also available on line at A further innovation on show is the Seetroën glasses, the first to do away with travel sickness.





“La Maison Citroën” stand, on the first floor of Hall 7.2, will be open on 16 and 17 April for the press days and 18 to 25 April for the general public.

The Dongfeng Citroën press conference will be held on Tuesday 16 April at 11.40 am (local time).

You will be able to interview several Brand spokespersons in the form of panel discussions:

- Brand strategy: Linda Jackson, Citroën CEO

- Product strategy:

*Xavier Peugeot, Senior VP, Head of Product Planning, Citroën

*Richard Meyer, VP, Head of Future Products, Citroën

- Communication and marketing strategy: Arnaud Belloni, Senior VP, Head of Marketing and Communication, Citroën




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