Nemo Combi, Citroën’s entry-level leisure activity vehicle, is an innovative vehicle, with bright, modern styling and a charm all of its own. Compact outside and spacious inside, it scores high on convenience, strength and economy.

Compact exterior dimensions and optimised living space

With its compact exterior dimensions (3.96 m long and 1.72 m wide; 3.97 m long and 1.74 m wide with the XTR version) and tight turning circle, the Nemo Combi is exceptionally easy to handle and able to nip in and out of traffic.

Its compact exterior hides an amazingly spacious interior, thanks to Citroën’s ingenious design. Nemo Combi boasts space worthy of the next segment up, with elbow room of 1,420 mm at the front and 1,441 mm at the rear, headroom of 1,063 mm at the front and 1,049 mm at the rear, and a total cabin length of 1,680 mm.