The CITROËN C4 L goes into production in Russia | Media Citroen International

The CITROËN C4 L goes into production in Russia

To support its international product offensive, CITROËN recently launched volume production of its new model, the CITROËN C4 Sedan – the name of the C4 L on the Russian market – at the plant in Kaluga. CITROËN hopes the new sedan, designed especially for high-growth markets, will boost growth in Russia. In 2012 CITROËN sales increased by almost 19% in a market that grew by 10%.

After the successful launch of the C4 L in China – with more than 9,000 invoices since the start of the year and local production at the Wuhan site – CITROËN is pursuing its international product offensive. "Our target for the Russian market is to increase revenues by 30%, by selling 13,000 CITROËN C4 Sedans between now and end-2013,“ explains Jean-Louis Chamla, Head of CITROËN Russia. To reach that target, the new CITROËN sedan will be manufactured in the Kaluga plant, on an assembly line that meets local industrial and environmental requirements.[...]