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Paris Motor Show: Creativity abounds at the Citroën stand!


Visitors to the Citroën stand at the Paris Motor Show enjoy a real “Feel Good” experience  in a setting inhabited by works of art alongside Citroën production models and concept cars. The whole stand exudes Citroën’s inimitable emphasis on comfort, convenience, creativity and french design, with choice materials, as a luminous padded  façade with LED-lit walls and fishnet of words bounding the stand. Two imposing sculptures based on the Citroën badge frame the entrance to the Maison Citroën, the centrepiece of the stand. Highly original sofas, echoing the interior design of the CXPERIENCE top-end concept car, provide visitors with a superbly comfortable vantage point from which to appreciate the exceptional vehicle.

The Citroën stand (Hall 1, Alley C, Stand 320) at the Paris Motor Show boasts a spectacular décor in natural wood, with a luminous padded  façade with LED-lit walls and fishnet of words bounding the stand. As you’d expect from Citroën, the atmosphere is as bright, warm and friendly as it gets  an ideal “feel good” setting for the world première appearances of New C3 and the spectacular CXperience and C3 WRC concept cars.

The stand measures 2,260 square metres, split into three sections. The sense of creativity is all-pervasive, starting with the two unique sculptures at the entrance to the stand, before the visitor gets to the Maison Citroën itself. These works, artful interpretations of the Citroën badge, are aptly named “I Love Citroën” and “I Feel Citroën”.

The first sculpture “I Love Citroën” comprises 1,284 chevron-shaped parts forming the Citroën badge. It was produced using 3D printing, a technique emblematically consistent with Citroën’s Créative Technologie baseline. It is entirely French-designed and French-made, and symbolizes the Citroën spirit of bold innovation. The artists behind this highly original work are Karine Buisson Caillard, Global Brand Design Manager Citroën, and Jean-Baptiste Sénéquier, a designer fascinated by 3D printing techniques.

The second sculpture “I Feel Citroën” takes a similar stance. The surface is in wood, yet the sculpture actually moves to evoke respiration, breath, life. In its own special way it symbolizes Citroën’s near-on century-long history, a never-ending story of perpetual, people-centred reinvention. To mastermind this magical, aesthetic work, Karine Buisson Caillard, Global Brand Design Manager Citroën, drew upon the experimental patented “inflatable wood” project developed by young French cabinet makers ARCA.

The new Citroën experience continues in the Maison Citroën, a vehicle customization area that prefigures forthcoming showroom developments. The setting is deliberately homely, with everything in its proper place. Materials are warm, welcoming and colourful, for a cosy atmosphere that invites future Citroën owners to settle in to configure their new cars, while listening to music, charging their smartphones or surfing the web on the touchpads provided.

Around the CXPERIENCE concept car there are comfortable, stylish seats in citrus yellow, edited by the brand DIVA. These modular, functional “ Crystal “ seats, designed by Sahar Famouri, contribute to the comfortable, creative experience. With their unique modern shaping they can be repositioned in any number of ways to form different layouts. They echo the “ Citroën Advanced Comfort® “ programme and illustrate Citroën’s determinedly upmarket pitching, consistent with this very exciting concept car, a quintessentially modern vision of automotive comfort, in the form of a hatchback with opposing doors opening onto a cosy, spacious, colourful interior that brims over with Citroën’s hallmark sense of driver and passenger wellbeing.

At the Paris Motor Show, Citroën, a boldly creative automaker for more than 95 years, offers visitors a unique visual and artistic experience as further proof of its brand promise: “Be Different, Feel Good”.




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