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Fri, 07/10/2016 - 06:00

Music is an important part of Citroën’s communication strategy, and the company is constantly developing partnerships with French groups.
The musical slant goes further than just the backing tracks behind its advertising campaigns, as we can see from the “CITROËN GOES LIVE” event (i.e.” Citroën part en live”), that Citroën is putting on at the Paris Motor Show. The concert, open to all, runs from 18:00 to 22:00 at the Citroën stand in Hall 1, with live coverage online at


The inimitable Citroën Feel-Good spirit will be shining brightly in today’s exceptional Citroën Goes Live event, an exclusive concert hosted by Citroën at its Paris Motor Show stand from 18:00. The four groups playing at this unique French music scene festival have all been involved in Citroën campaigns in 2016:

- Part Time Friends are a Paris-based duo that played for the New Citroën C3 reveal on 29 June 2016 in Lyon, and will be backing its advertising campaign scheduled for early November.

- Gaspard Royant, singer on the French rock scene, backed the Citroën C4 Cactus Rip Curl film in June.

- Montmartre, an electropop group whose tunes “Our Time is Now” and “Hope” backed the Citroën C4 Sedan film for Russia and the one of Citroën C6 in China.

- DatA & Sacha is the electropop duo that signed the music for the Citroën corporate campaign film; CITROËN INSPIRED BY YOU, with one of the first tunes produced by the two artists together. This film, along with Citroën’s new audio identity, co-produced with HRCLS (Hercules) and Start-Rec, will be on TV screens from 14 October.


The Citroën Goes Live concert is open to all and runs from 18:00 to 22:00, at the Citroën stand in Hall 1.

It will also be showing live on Youtube:

And there are surprises in store on Twitter and Periscope:,



Citroën has a long and bold reputation for innovation, always ahead of its time and ever eager for fresh talent. The CITROËN GOES LIVE festival celebrates some of the links Citroën has forged with French artists and groups throughout what has been a highly eventful year, with backing from the Les Gaulois agency.


- The road movie produced for release of the new Citroën SpaceTourer featured the Naive New Beaters revisiting their Heal Tomorrow hit with alternative versions by three other groups from very different backgrounds: Steve'n'Seagulls, The Free Bows and Nathan & The Puppets. The emphasis on optimism showed Citroën SpaceTourer in a wonderfully warm and friendly light, perfectly in tune with its undeniable appeal to the modern “tribes” that form a large segment of its customer base today:

- There was a strong musical and creative content behind SpaceTourer’s widely appreciated appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016, with pop group Hyphen signing a clip and live performance for presentation of the concept car baptized under the same name. The video was shot like a real music clip, with an unforgettable graphic signature blending reality with cartoon sequences to carry spectators into a no-limit, high-energy universe deliberately evocative of the SpaceTourer capabilities:



For Citroën’s marketing & communication chief, Arnaud Belloni, “The idea of catapulting French artists into worldwide media exposure is wholly consistent with Citroën’s origins and outlook. Basically, we’re discovering high-potential young French talent and helping them make a much deserved breakthrough in the advertising films put out by an eminently forward-looking automotive brand at a pivotal point in its long history. The groups who have worked with Citroën over the last few months are DatA & Sacha, Gaspard Royant, Hyphen, Montmartre, Naive New Beaters, and Part Time Friends, all of whom impressed us with their talent and originality. This evening, four of them will be playing at the Citroën stand in the Citroën Goes Live festival.”


About the groups playing in the CITROËN GOES LIVE festival (Citroën part en live)



The Paris-based duo Part-Time Friends released their first album in April 2016. Their music stands somewhere between folk and indie-pop, and you can hear echoes of the nineties’ scene in the UK or Stateside. They’re often compared to Moldy Peaches, Mazzy Star, The Smiths or Angus and Julia Stone. Their music weaves a dreamlike web, combining intensely personal lyrics with memorable melodic lines. As the French music magazine Inrockuptibles said, they have a knack for “making eternal pop out of virtually nothing”. That sums it up very neatly.




French “mocker” (half mod, half rocker) Gaspard Royant started his career four years ago under the guidance of a particularly good star in the form of Liam Watson (The Whites Stripes, The Kills, etc.). The British producer helped the young French artist make a resounding entrance on the music scene with the first in a long series of singles
(yes, that means vinyl), in a highly original style. The singles were then put together on a first album, Ten Hit Wonder, whose considerable success among critics and audiences alike owed much to the garage rock anthem "Marty McFly”. Gaspard Royant’s second album, produced with support from another mythical UK artist, Edwyn Collins, has just been released. After an extensive European circuit, Gaspard Royant is now on tour in France.




Montmartre is an electropop duo with Hugo Lab on vocals and guitar and Alex Enki on keyboards and mix.

They’re probably best known for their remixes of Adèle’s Skyfall or C2C’s Happy, and have successfully carved out their own niche on the electro scene. Comparisons with Daft Punk abound.

Their remix of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” has been viewed more than 7 million times, and plays on streaming platforms top the two million mark. Montmartre is currently on tour on France.




After a busy year following the much-heralded release of his last EP, Don’t Sing, the clip for which has won many awards and been viewed more than five million times, French producer DatA is making waves with RetroFutureSoul, a brand new EP with Sacha Sieff, another artist from the prolific Ekler’o’shock label. In the late naughties,
DatA had achieved wide appeal among audiences swayed by the French-touch electropop wave, and filled the iPods of young idols of the Justice generation.
Meanwhile, Sacha Sieff was composing fashion show soundtracks for Martin Margela and Hermès along with film soundtracks (Zim and Co, Mains Armées), and building up a most impressive collection of vinyls, as one of the French capital’s best-respected diggers.
The long friendship between DatA and Sacha Sieff has now yielded two tracks (or more: only time will tell) on an EP that merges the nonchalance of a certain style of sunny, funky US hip-hop with a heavily electronic future-looking production.