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With its atmosphere, services and models on show, the CITROËN stand at the Paris Motor Show perfectly embodies CITROËN’s new brand experience: a feel-good experience for the well-being of customers. The promise of well-being is expressed in new product but also in innovative services, such as the SimplyDrive and FlexiDrive purchasing solutions on C4 Cactus, and in dealerships, with CITROËN & YOU, a programme establishing a new relationship between CITROËN and its customers aimed at a simple and seamless experience for more trust and peace of mind. Central to the new approach is CITROËN Advisor (, a website where Brand customers can express themselves freely on the service quality at their dealership. The site is a first for a carmaker, and yesterday won the Customer Relations award from AFRC!

CITROËN is refocusing on a key strand of its DNA: well-being. The CITROËN stand at the Paris Motor Show is a perfect illustration of the Brand’s ambition to bring its customers an easier, friendlier and more stress-free relationship with the automobile. The aim is to bring CITROËN customers a “360° feel-good experience”:

o through its cars, by offering class-leading comfort

o through its technologies, by making cars ever easier to use

o through its services, by bringing customers more peace of mind

o and through its dealerships, by forging an even more seamless and transparent customer relationship for more trust and peace of mind.

In addition to product, then, it is in the areas of service and customer relations at dealerships that CITROËN is renewing the customer’s experience of the Brand.

Innovative services: SimplyDrive and FlexiDrive

Inaugurated with the launch of the CITROËN C4 Cactus, SimplyDrive and FlexiDrive are all-in fixed-rate packages directly inspired by mobile telephony. The two innovative purchasing solutions were designed to meet customer expectations on budget management and transparent running costs:

o SimplyDrive: Informing their CITROËN salesperson of their monthly motoring budget, customers can configure their vehicle purchase on the basis of a fixed monthly rate, including multi-risk insurance and a range of products and services such as vehicle financing and service and maintenance contracts.

o FlexiDrive: An all-in fixed-rate package including vehicle insurance and varying in line with mileage or on a “pay as you drive” basis, FlexiDrive is ideal for low-mileage drivers. The solution was launched in Spain.

A new dealership relationship with CITROËN & YOU

In a world where the relationship with motoring is often synonymous with stress, CITROËN is reinventing the customer experience in its network with CITROËN & YOU, which forges a new relationship between the Brand and its customers based on a promise of transparency and attentiveness for more trust and peace of mind. It does so through a set of strong commitments:

- In the event of an accident, breakdown or flat tyre, CITROËN customers are never alone: the 0800 05 24 24 telephone number is available 24/7.

- Extra work is never done on a car without the customer’s agreement. If it is, it is offered free of charge.

- Every car coming out of a CITROËN workshop is cleaner than clean. 

- If a customer is unsatisfied, CITROËN calls them back within 24 office hours.

- Complete transparency with CITROËN Advisor, a site dedicated to CITROËN customers where they can express their opinions on service quality at their dealership.

A true cornerstone of CITROËN & YOU, CITROËN Advisor ( is a place where customers can express themselves in real time and interactively on the quality of service received at their dealership, either following a new vehicle purchase or vehicle repair/maintenance work. CITROËN Advisor recently obtained “NF Service – Online Opinion” certification, acknowledging the transparency and reliability of the processing of online opinions submitted by customers on the site. This is a first for a car brand.

At the “Palmes de la Relation Client” customer relationship awards organised in Paris yesterday by AFRC, a French customer relations organisation, CITROËN won the Relationship Intelligence award for CITROËN Advisor. The distinction confirms the relevance of the new resource, which enhances customer trust and satisfaction and enables the Brand network to set a real virtuous circle in motion, the result being a win-win relationship and an increased recommendation rate. CITROËN Advisor will be rolled out across the entire CITROËN dealership and branch network in France before the end of the year.


Join us at 3 pm on Wednesday 8 October 2014 on the CITROËN stand at the Paris Motor Show to see the presentation of “NF Service – Online Opinion” certification to Philippe Narbeburu, Sales Director France at CITROËN.

At the conclusion of the event, Philippe Narbeburu will be available to answer your questions.

Please confirm your attendance with Paul Mahouin (paul.mahouin(at)