CITROËN AND WELL-BEING | Media Citroen International



For the 2015 Rétromobile show, CITROËN is turning the spotlight on well-being. Well-being is a constant strength in all CITROËN cars regardless of the era and a dominant component in the brand’s DNA. Throughout the Rétromobile show, visitors will be able to see how that DNA has been expressed over time, bringing to the customers a modern and appropriate solution to their expectations. A number of emblematic, standard-setting CITROËN vehicles will be on show this year, including the C6 Torpedo, Traction Avant, 2CV, Méhari, GS and CX. The brand will also be displaying the "Baby Brousse“, a modelsold in Africa and very rarely seen in France. The show will conclude with the C4 Cactus, modern-day proof that CITROËN continues to innovate and develop uniquely styled, comfortable, user-friendly and functional cars – cars in which people feel confortable and relaxed.[...]