LATIN AMERICA: CITROËN continues its offensive and illustrates its new positioning at the São Paulo Motor Show

The São Paulo Motor Show in Brazil opens today to the press. The most important motor show in Latin America is a key event for CITROËN. While continuing its offensive in the region, the Brand is illustrating its renewal on its stand through its latest creations and technologies. Join us on a guided tour.

The São Paulo Motor Show opens today to the press, and will be open to the public from 30 October to 9 November. It is the most important motor show in Latin America and a key event for the Brand, which has been present in Brazil for over 20 years. The Brand is on the offensive in the country, which accounts for over one in two CITROËN sales in the region, and has maintained its national market share despite a difficult economic environment, with the market having contracted by 9% in the first nine months of 2014. Brand performance has notably been driven by the success of the New CITROËN C3, produced locally in Porto Real. Selling in 320,000 units since the launch of the first-generation model in 2003, the C3 has confirmed its status as the best-selling CITROËN in Brazil and ranks top-five in sales in its segment.Commenting, Linda Jackson, Managing Director of CITROËN and present at the show, said: "Our stand at the São Paulo show in itself reflects how important Latin America is to us. It is a priority region that is central to our international development strategy. We are rolling out CITROËN’s new positioning here by providing a practical and optimistic response to the expectations of Brazilian customers today. The latest creations from our local Styling centre and the special technologies we are presenting at the show are perfect illustrations of that approach.“CITROËN’s stand at the São Paulo Motor Show gives the Brazilian public a chance to discover all the Brand’s creativity with:o    show cars developed by the Brand’s local Styling team. The CITROËN C3 Aircross Lunar, C4 Lounge Sport White and C3 Parisian Vintage. These three vehicles, each in its own territory, illustrate CITROËN’s design creativity and provide a forward-looking response to the latest local automotive trends.o    the CITROËN Cactus concept: A perfect illustration of CITROËN’s renewal, this concept car dispenses with the superfluous and brings motorists more of what really counts for today’s customers: more design, more comfort and more technology, all at an affordable price.o    the New CITROËN C4 Picasso. A "technospace“ dedicated to the well-being of its passengers, Europe’s leading compact MPV, launched in first-half 2014 in Argentina, is on show to gauge the reactions of the Brazilian public.o    the CITROËN C4 Lounge, making its debut appearance in a new THP Flex version. The first Flex-fuel direct-injection turbo engine available in the mid-sized saloon segment, this technology is fully in step with the expectations of Brazilian motorists in terms of reduced running costs. It also further boosts the appeal of the three-box saloon, produced in Palomar, Argentina and having sold in 11,000 units in Brazil since launch a year ago.Also contributing to CITROËN’s strong momentum in Latin America is the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), which notably includes a leg in Argentina. Having committed to the Championship for the first time this year, CITROËN earned the World Champion Manufacturers* title on 12 October and recently took the Drivers title with Argentina’s national pride and joy José María López. *Subject to the publication of official FIA results