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China: two-pronged approach from CITROËN at the Guangzhou Motor Show


From 21 to 30 November, CITROËN is at the Guangzhou Motor Show, the second-biggest event of its kind in China. With two joint ventures in China since 2012, CITROËN is hosting two stands: Dongfeng CITROËN and DS. Starring at the former is the new C-Elysée, made at Wuhan, while the DS stand boasts the unique DS5 Golden Pearl, in resonance with the locally made DS5 that was released in September. The dual showcase reflects CITROËN’s highly effective two-pronged approach to the Chinese market.

Dongfeng CITROËN: further appeal boost with the new C-ElyséeOn 26 September 2013, Dongfeng CITROËN launched the new CITROËN C-Elysée, made locally at the Wuhan 3 plant, which opened in July. The Dongfeng CITROËN stand at the eleventh Guangzhou Motor Show gives pride of place to this new sedan, which extends CITROËN’s offering in the C segment. This segment accounts for one in two passenger cars sold in China and has shown the strongest growth (more than 25%) since the start of the year.The attractive and affordable CITROËN C-Elysée brings enhanced balance to the Dongfeng CITROËN product offering in the C segment, alongside the C-Quatre and C4 L. Both these models already enjoy wide appreciation among Chinese motorists, accounting for 55% of the joint venture’s sales and making a major contribution to the robust performance of Dongfeng CITROËN, whose growth (23.9%) has outpaced that of the Chinese automotive market in 2013 so far (18.1%). The new C-Elysée will undoubtedly prove a powerful driving force for CITROËN’s development in China.DS: a French premium offering in China, driven by launch of DS5DS has chosen the Guangzhou Motor Show for the world première of the DS5 Golden Pearl, a unique concept car that epitomizes the best in French upmarket motoring, with the finest craftsmanship, exotic materials and superlative styling, in chrome, leather, silk and ebony.  With its inimitable sense of refinement and attention to the tiniest detail, the DS5 Golden Pearl concept car casts the best possible light on the DS5, the spearhead of the DS offensive in China. The DS5 is made locally for the Chinese market, at the new Shenzhen production facility, and came on the market on 27 September. The DS development drive in China operates through a dealer network that will number 52 DS Store outlets covering the biggest cities in China by the end of the year. And the DS offering in China doesn’t stop with the DS5: 2014 will see the Chinese release of two new locally-made models in the C segment: a sedan and an SUV.