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Mon, 23/01/2017 - 15:45

Citroën’s Facebook page has gained a new gif: a large heart aimed at each and every member of the brand’s Facebook fan base, which now numbers worldwide 10 million!
How can we thank them all? By inviting them to find out which fan is the most important in Citroën’s eyes, through a link that sends them automatically… to the profile of the person who clicked on the link.  An original way to show that each fan counts equally. To view the message:

The brand counts today more than 13 million fans across all its social media worldwide.

Citroën has topped the 10 million fan mark on Facebook, an achievement that once again reflects the close ties nurtured by the brand with its community on social media. These close ties are further developed day by day through the events organised by the brand on Facebook, such as:

- The first vehicle presentation in France using the Facebook Immersive Canvas format with E-MEHARI

- The creation of a Facebook page dedicated to the New C3 with a day-to-day log of its activities during the launch period

- The first 100% mobile vehicle configurator on Facebook with the New C3.

These close ties are further strengthened by the presence of a connected camera on board the New C3, a world first. With ConnectedCAM Citroën™, positioned at the top of the windscreen, Citroën is encouraging its passengers to share photos and videos on social media!


Today, Citroën has 10 million fans!  A symbolic milestone underlining the brand’s strong momentum. The three countries with the most fans are Brazil, Italy and France. Taiwan and Hong Kong recently joined the community, taking the number of Citroën Facebook pages worldwide to 79. To celebrate this event, Citroën wanted to thank each fan individually. A beating heart on its Facebook page has a surprise in store for all those who click on it, since it sends them back to their own account.

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The brand counts today more than 13 million fans across all its social media worldwide.