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CITROËN launches CITROËN Community, an all-new community web page with an e-sponsorship feature

Mon, 02/12/2013 - 09:08
CITROËN is launching a new, free and open-access community website in France, CITROËN Community ( The aim is to bring together CITROËN fans, customers and future customers on an official Brand site so that they can dialogue and share their opinions on CITROËN, assess their CITROËN cars and even buy and sell Brand vehicles within the community of registered users. The bold initiative is the first by a carmaker. For CITROËN customers, CITROËN Community is also a unique opportunity to sponsor a future customer of the Brand as part of a win-win relationship in which everyone stands to gain!

CITROËN Community: the CITROËN communityCITROËN fans and customers, as well as buyers and sellers of Brand vehicles, meet up on social networks, blogs, forums, consumer-opinion websites and classified-ad sites every day to dialogue and share their news and views. That being the case, the Brand has created the CITROËN Community web page to bring these people together around a broad range of community dialogue opportunities. After signing up to the site and completing their profile, CITROËN Community members can chat and share their opinions about the Brand and its cars through an extensive set of functionalities, similar to those found on traditional social media, including ratings, favourites, and suggestions on personalised content. CITROËN owners can sell their used cars online via classified ads addressing the community. With CITROËN Community, the Brand is reaching out to all those with an interest in the make, bringing them an official community that meets all their needs! A win-win relationship with e-sponsorship CITROËN Community is also the only web community compensated by the Brand, in the form of an innovative "e-sponsorship“ platform. Because CITROËN car owners are the best ambassadors of the Brand, the website gives them the opportunity to "sponsor“ members showing an interest in buying a new CITROËN in the CITROËN France network. As part of the win-win relationship, sponsors get a "Loyalty Bonus“ of €100 towards the servicing and maintenance of their CITROËN or the purchase of accessories. Meanwhile, the "sponsoree“ gets an "Extra Immediate Discount“ of €200 on the purchase of a new CITROËN vehicle. CITROËN Community is the new standard-setting community for fans, customers and future customers of the Brand!