Tue, 21/10/2014 - 15:45

Starting on 25 October 2014, the French postal operator La Poste will be telling CITROËN’s story in the shape of a collector’s book and outstanding stamps that retrace the Brand’s history through its emblematic models.

CITROËN is a legendary brand founded on the pioneering spirit of an outstanding entrepreneur, André CITROËN, a man ahead of his time and with a special knack for spotting talent. His innovative technologies, avant-garde advertisements and endurance records have kept his legacy alive over time.CITROËN has consistently made an impact. The Traction Avant was a historic, ground-breaking vehicle, while the arrival of the 2CV coincided with the advent of paid holidays in France, the DS with the post-war economic boom, the Méhari with flowery shirts and the Xsara with rallying triumph.Some 95 years later, CITROËN continues to harness its creativity and technology to create uniquely designed and instantly recognisable cars that enhance the well-being of motorists, as encapsulated by the C4 Cactus.La Poste is testifying to this history, telling the story of CITROËN through ten outstanding new stamps. The postal operator is launching two new collector booklets of five stamps and one book of ten stamps. These all-new and exclusive creations will hold strong appeal for collectors.The stamp booklets and book will be on advance sale from 2 pm to 9.30 pm on 25 October at CITROËN C_42, an emblematic venue on the Champs-Elysées embodying the spirit of the Brand. Collector booklet price: €5.50 (5 first-class 20 g stamps, France)Collector book price: €19.90 (the book and 10 first-class 20 g stamps, France)