CITROËN: A HISTORY OF COMFORT | Media Citroen International


Fri, 27/10/2017 - 18:45

When it comes to comfort, Citroën has long been a pioneer and innovator. Few car manufacturers can evidence such a consistent history of innovation for the sake of comfort, an attribute that has been a defining hallmark of the company’s cars since the first Citroën took to the roads in 1919.

Historically, the concept of ‘comfort’ has led to the development of seats that are softer and more supportive, and suspension systems that soak up bumps and shocks and isolate passengers from the worst road surfaces.


In the 21st century, however, comfort covers a wider range of features. The modern approach to comfort has seen the arrival of new materials and advanced technologies to create new experiences for drivers and passengers.


To address the ongoing development of ‘Citroën comfort’ in the 21st century, the company has framed its expertise in comfort under a new development project, known as the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. The programme seeks to define a new dimension of comfort in vehicles, and pursues four objectives to enhance comfort in its latest cars:

  • Driving comfort – filtering out exterior interferences for a smooth ride and calm, quiet cabin
  • Living comfort – simplifying life on-board with functional storage compartments, intelligent packaging, and generous space
  • Functional comfort – creating a more comfortable drive with intuitive technologies, driver aids, and connectivity
  • Comfort of mind – ensuring the peace of mind of driver and passengers, with clear information displays and a relaxed interior ambience to enhance driving pleasure


Citroën has always focused on suspension and seating as key elements in improving ride comfort. But many of its earlier innovations in comfort can be linked directly to the more modern Citroën Advanced Comfort® approach. The company has pioneered a range of comfort innovations throughout its history. Looking back, it’s clear that many of these have contributed to Citroën’s modern concept of comfort.

Today, ergonomics, ride and handling, practicality and versatility, and even the atmosphere of the cabin, are all vital elements in making a car as comfortable as possible, for driver and passengers alike. Yet for almost a century, Citroën has consistently set new standards in each of these areas, to enhance comfort and driver enjoyment. Innovations include the company’s famous hydro-pneumatic suspension, ergonomic cabin controls, advanced seating arrangements, low-drag (and so low-noise) aerodynamics, revolutionary new vehicle architectures, and new cabin materials, all serving to improve comfort.


Each of the themes under the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme builds on the historic innovations that have contributed to Citroën’s reputation for comfort over the last 98 years.