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The CITROËN C3 range is gaining a new special series called ELLE. Stylish and urban, it is aimed at all those looking for a car with style and personality. Based on a partnership with the brand ELLE, CITROËN C3 ELLE features Polar White bodywork with an exclusive two-tone Soft Sand roof. The exterior also features original touches of colour in Cherry Pink, a special roof decal and a four-letter logo with the name ELLE. More customised features can be found inside the car. CITROËN C3 ELLE comes with Grey upholstery featuring Cherry Pink top-stitching and a dashboard trim in the same matching Colours and Materials. Based on the SHINE version, CITROËN C3 ELLE gains a wide range of technologies for safety and connectivity, including : CITROËN Connect Nav, CITROËN Connect Box, a reversing camera, and Active Safety Brake. CITROËN C3 ELLE is available with a range of engines including the PureTech 110 S&S EAT6 petrol unit. Orders are already open in France with prices starting at €18,500. This vehicle is set to arrive in dealerships from March.

Citroën C3 is starting 2018 in style. Launched in November 2016 and already sold in over 230,000 units around Europe, the brand’s best-seller is showing a more feminine side with a new special series on the theme of "ELLE". Elegant, stylish and urban, it resembles ELLE magazine, the benchmark in fashion and trends. Citroën is partnering ELLE as part of the ELLE Active Forum in France ("ELLE Women in Society").


A versatile, urban car with a unique personality, Citroën C3 stands apart in its segment for its body lines and bold styling. The C3 ELLE special series takes these distinctive features still further. The brand is keen to consolidate the appeal of C3, confirmed in particular by the choices of customers looking for technology and personalisation (40% for the level SHINE and 60% two-tone).



In short, CITROËN C3 ELLE features:


  • Polar White bodywork with an exclusive two-tone Soft Sand roof as standard, Gloss Black door mirror housings and original touches of colour in Cherry Pink, accentuating the fog lamp trim, Airbump® surrounds and quarter light decals,
  • A badge with the name of the guest, ELLE, on the front doors and a special central roof trim underlining the potential for personalised exterior feature,
  • An interior ambience that continues the Cherry Pink accents, visible in the top-stitching of the special grey marl upholstery and on the dashboard trim surround,
  • A level of equipment based on the highest trim level, SHINE, plus a range of technologies for safety and connectivity, including: CITROËN Connect Nav, a reversing camera, and Safety Pack 2 including the Active Safety Brake, Driver attention alert and Automatic high beam functions,
  • A range of efficient PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines of advanced performance along with the EAT6 automatic gearbox mated to the PureTech 110 S&S unit,
  • Benchmark comfort, for a relaxing journey every time,
  • Prices start at €18,500 and orders are already open in the Citroën France network.







Loyal to the brand signature, "Inspired by You”, CITROËN C3 ELLE is aimed at customers looking for a contemporary car with personality, a bold design, comfort and today's technologies.


Directly inspired by working women and their lifestyles, CITROËN C3 ELLE is a fresh, colourful vehicle, full of vitality. This special series is the result of a meeting between the worlds of two French brands, guided by feminine elegance, optimism and the ambition to make everyday life easier. Modern and dynamic, C3 is the ideal car to experience urban living with style and vitality.


These values are shared with the ELLE brand, as part of the partnership linking it to Citroën. Another aspect of this cooperation is the ELLE Active Forum in France ("ELLE Women in Society"), whose aim is to showcase the role of women in the workplace. Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroën, was invited to the event last March.




A practical, compact vehicle with five doors and of limited length (3.99m), CITROËN C3 ELLE maintains its generous curves and graphic signature. Its style and unique personality are underlined by real potential for personalisation with the "ELLE" Colour Pack.


On the outside, CITROËN C3 ELLE sports the two-tone body style preferred by 60% of C3 buyers. The Soft Sand roof of this special series is an exclusive feature. It is allied as standard with Polar White bodywork and Gloss Black door mirror housings. Four other body colours are available as an option: Perla Nera Black, Soft Sand, Platinium Grey and Arctic Steel, along with a second variant for the roof: Onyx Black.

Sitting squarely on its 17" CROSS diamond-cut alloy wheels (optional), CITROËN C3 ELLE also features touches of anodized Cherry Pink on the fog lamp trim, Airbump® surrounds and quarter light decals.


From a visual standpoint, CITROËN C3 ELLE also includes distinctive roof graphics with a central trim feature, and an aluminium badge on each front door with the name of its host, ELLE magazine.


The cabin of CITROËN C3 ELLE features an original ambience – also called ELLE – which further underlines the close fit between Colours and Materials on the inside and the outside. This is the work of Hélène Veilleux, Head of Colours and Materials for Citroën. Inspired by the world of interior furnishings and travel, the presentation meets high standards of quality and finish with a leather gear lever knob and steering wheel. The horizontal lines of the seats showcase the Curitiba Grey upholstery and Cherry Pink top-stitching. At the same time, the dashboard with its marl grey trim and wide anodized Cherry Pink surround add to the feeling of onboard comfort and space. The special front and rear mats feature Cherry Pink edging and an ELLE label.







Citroën has given the C3 ELLE series a particularly relaxing ambience for all those who like to feel "at home" in C3. As soon as you get into the car, you feel very much at ease with the visual and physical comfort of the seats. CITROËN C3 ELLE is generous and welcoming with ingenious storage compartments including a 6.25 litre glovebox and 300 litres of boot space.


Based on the top-level SHINE trim, the special series CITROËN C3 ELLE ships as standard with a range of useful technologies designed to make the driver's life easier and to contribute to safer driving. Alongside the features found on the SHINE version, such as power folding door mirrors, Automatic air conditioning, Mirror Screen, Visibility Pack, Hill-start assist, Cruise control-speed limiter, Lane departure warning and Speed limit recognition with speed recommendation, this special series goes even further, in partnership with ELLE. It includes a reversing camera, to make light work of manoeuvres in the city, the CITROËN Connect Box with the SOS and assistance Pack, CITROËN Connect Nav with a 7” touchscreen and voice recognition to guide you through urban traffic, and the Safety 2 Pack including the Active Safety Brake, Driver attention alert, Collision risk alert and Automatic high beam switch. The ConnectedCAM Citroën™, a fully integrated and connected wide-angle HD camera connected, is ideal for capturing your best driving moments and sharing them live on social media.




For everyday comfort and driveability, C3 creates a cocoon effect that filters out the external world and cushions the occupants from the road. The CITROËN C3 ELLE special series features a range of new-generation efficient powertrains of advanced performance.


CITROËN C3 ELLE comes with a choice of two petrol engines: PureTech 82 and PureTech 110 S&S. The most powerful of the two can be mated to the new-generation 6-speed automatic gearbox (PureTech 110 S&S EAT6) for exceptional driveability and smooth, fast gear-changing. A BlueHDi diesel engine developing 100 bhp (BlueHDi 100 S&S Manual) is also available.


The CITROËN C3 ELLE special series is already available for order in France from €18,500. It is an original city car that is both stylish and comfortable, like the working women who read ELLE magazine.




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