An upbeat, easy-to-drive city car that has notched up more than one million sales since its launch, Citroën C1 is approaching spring 2018 with freshness and optimism. A key actor in a more accessible, comfortable and relaxed urban mobility, it is now boosting its appeal by enhancing all the vehicles in its range. It is affirming its character with new Citroën chevrons and new colour and material schemes. It also offers updated features with new technological equipment, improved overall comfort and new Euro 6.2 engines. Incorporating the many facets of its playful character, it is also extending its offer with two new special editions. The fruit of our partnership with the brand ELLE, the C1 ELLE special edition is at once elegant, trendy and connected. Laid-back, C1 Urban Ride special edition evokes a sense of adventure via dynamic lines reinforced with wing protectors. Now, any driver can choose the C1 that best suits him or her! These two special editions are now available to order and will arrive in dealerships at the end of the second quarter.


Citroën C1 is approaching spring 2018 under the sign of renewal. A city car that has made over a million sales worldwide since 2006 (all generations included) Citroën C1 is still recording strong performances with an 8.4% increase in brand registrations (more than 14,000 sales) in France in 2017. This growth has continued and even accelerated since the beginning of 2018 (+13.7% total at end February). Now, Citroën C1 plans to keep moving along the path of success with new updates to the range in terms of presentation, comfort, technology and engines.

Behind its energetic look and its playful nature hides a versatile city car that is full of style and surprises. Agile and ideal for navigating city streets due to its compact dimensions (3.46 m long), and easy to handle (4.8 m turning radius), Citroën C1 is as user-friendly as ever with its accessible boot (from 196 to 780 litres depending on the configuration). It is also highly versatile thanks to the comfort of its suspensions, its best-in-class seats and its exceptional road holding.  With its four different models, it can adapt to the desires of all drivers and passengers, regardless of the season: 3 or 5 doors, hatchback or open-top model with its “Airscape” soft top roof.

A fresh and accessible urban mobility solution inspired by its customers and their lifestyles, Citroën C1 enhances its assets and now offers new colour and material schemes, improved comfort, new safety and connectivity equipment suited to everyday life, and a new-generation engine.


Citroën C1 is:

- A new brand image: Citroën C1 keeps its upbeat and bold look and shows the new brand image, in line with the entire Citroën range. The glass back panel feature new chevrons and a new Citroën monogram located above the boot handle. The vehicle is signed “C1” in the new Citroën typeface, on the lower right side.

- New colour and material ambiences: Citroën C1 range is being updated with new optional and series ambiences, the result of the hard work carried out by teams under Hélène Veilleux, Head of Colours and Materials for the Citroën brand. Among its eight exterior colours, Citroën C1 integrates two new paintwork colours offering elegance and freshness, respectively: Nude, exclusively for C1, to replace Jelly Red, and Calvi Blue to replace Smalt Blue. Two original colours are also available in two-tone combinations with the Caldéra Black roof. In total, 32 different combinations are available to customers including mono-tone, two-tone, hatchback and open-top options. On board, Citroën C1 is also focused on interior personalisation. There are more choices in terms of ambience with new upholstery options like the Square Blue Cloth and new dashboard decor options, with the introduction of the Metropolitan Grey and Urban Blue Color Packs. Even more ways for drivers to add their personal style at the wheel of Citroën C1.

- New technological features: Very much of the times, Citroën C1 offers relaxation on board. In terms of everyday driving, this translates mainly to 6 driving aids available (Active City Brake, Hill Start assist, Active Lane Departure Warning system, Reversing camera, Keyless entry and start). 2018 will be marked by the introduction of new technologies to meet the needs of urban mobility and connectivity. These include: Speed limit recognition system and enhanced Mirror Screen compatibility (Apple Car Play™, Android Auto and Mirror Link®), allowing the user to mirror his or her iPhone screen onto the 7’’ touchscreen tablet.

- Improved overall comfort: in line with the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme thanks to optimised acoustics, unequalled suspension comfort, and optimum driving comfort.

- Latest-generation Euro 6.2 engines: the new C1 range benefits from the increased focus on emission control to position its offer at the heart of the market with a unique engine block, the 1L 3-cylinder VTi developed by Toyota. It is even more powerful, now developing 72 hp (compared with the current 68 hp). An engine available for mechanical gearboxes (VTi 72 manual and VTi 72 S&S manual) and automatic gearboxes (VTi 72 ETG), depending on the market.


The launch of two special editions to celebrate this new 2018 range:  Citroën C1 “ELLE” and Citroën C1 “URBAN RIDE” offer distinct features guaranteed to win over both male and female customers. Each customer can choose the C1 that suits him or her: elegant and trendy or energetic and adventurous.



Spring 2018 marks a new step in Citroën’s partnership with the brand ELLE, the benchmark in fashion and trends, as part of the ELLE Active Forum in France (ELLE Women in Society), whose role is to showcase the role of women in the workplace. The next meeting: 6 and 7 April in Paris.

Following the reveal of C3 ELLE at the beginning of the year, it's the turn of Citroën C1 city car to adopt the hip, elegant style of “ELLE”. Placing the emphasis on femininity, this refreshing version is aimed at customers looking for a car with style and character. Faithful to the “Inspired by You” brand signature, Citroën C1 ELLE special edition was inspired by active women and their lifestyles. Ideal for a stylish, energetic approach to urban living, it has real appeal with its compact dimensions, elegant design, comfort and technologies that are very much in tune with their times. With the “ELLE” Color Pack, the exterior personalisation extends harmoniously to the cabin, where C1 also offers greater connectivity.

Set on 15’’ PLANET alloy wheels, Citroën C1 ELLE is a vision of elegance in its exclusive two-tone Nude/Caldéra Black roof finish, outlined by a special rear panel decal and enhanced by tinted side and rear windows. Citroën C1 ELLE offers two other colour combination options: Lipizan White /Gallium Grey Roof and Caldéra Black / Gallium Grey roof. The Caldéra Black side mirror covers underscore the harmony and elegance of the vehicle (chrome side mirror covers are also available). And to boost the potential for exterior personalisation even more, C1 ELLE features the badge of its partner ELLE, in the form of an aluminium badge made up of 4 letters that references the famous female magazine, positioned on each front door.

The “ELLE” Color Pack is also reflected in a consistent manner on board, where a “Wave Light Grey” upholstery is highlighted with Cherry Pink stitching. To underscore the attention to the interior ambience details, the multimedia panel and the dashboard decor are finished in Anodized Pink, contrasting with the baseplate of the gear lever and the side aerator hubcaps in Glossy Black. A special decal also figures on the dashboard panel on the passenger side. In the same spirit, special protective mats in front and back feature a subtle splash of “Cherry Pink” on their border and an “ELLE” tag. An original and particularly relaxing ambience for all those who like to feel “at home” in C1!

Based on the most high-end version (Shine) already richly equipped with electronically heating door mirrors, reversing camera, an MP3 4 HP audio system with steering-wheel mounted controls, Bluetooth hands-free kit and USB outlet, Citroën C1 ELLE gains:  the Auto AC Pack, which includes automatic air conditioning and automatic high beam function, the Safety Pack which includes the Active City Brake, Active Lane Departure Warning system (to prevent drowsiness or inattention at the wheel), and Speed limit recognition system. Drivers are guaranteed comfort and well-being during urban rides as well as peace of mind when exiting and performing other daily driving manoeuvres. For even greater comfort, C1 ELLE customers can opt for Keyless entry and start. Citroën C1 is both trendy and 100% connected. It features a 7’’ touchscreen tablet and enhanced Mirror Screen technology now compatible with Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto and Mirror Link®.

Available for the 5-door hatchback, Citroën C1 ELLE uses a VTi 72 petrol unit that can be combined with a manual gearbox or an automatic gearbox (VTi 72 ETG). Efficient and high-performing, it meets the Euro 6.2 standard and turns each journey into a moment of well-being.

Order books are already open for this Citroën C1 ELLE special edition, with starting prices from EUR 14,950 in France.



Citroën is launching a brand new special edition, “C1 URBAN RIDE”, with an adventurous look, which demonstrates the city car’s full potential for personalisation. This stylish and laid-back version is aimed at all those who see the city as a playground for urban adventure.

Aesthetically, Citroën C1 Urban Ride clearly emphasises personalisation. The robust, sporty looks of this city car are enhanced by the Caldéra Black door mirror housings, the tinted side and rear windows and the body kit. The latter showcases its large wheel openings with Matte Black fender flares. The 15’’ PLANET Black alloy wheels (or diamond-cut as a free upgrade), matched with the contrasting Sunrise Red wheel centres, underscore its dynamic and exclusive character. This look adds dynamism to the C1 model and pairs perfectly with the new exterior colour Calvi Blue. Other colours are available: Gallium Grey, Carlinite Grey, Caldéra Black, Lipizan White (series colour). Finally, a special rear quarter decal with Grey and Orange geometric patterns offers an exterior signature for this special edition.

These same touches of grey and orange are used in the car’s interior. The “Urban Ride” Colour Pack creates an original ambience that underlines the interior/exterior harmony of colours and materials. C1 Urban Ride offers unique combinations including Square Blue Cloth upholstery and interior decor in Anodized Orange adorning the multimedia centre and the dashboard panel. The baseplate of the gear lever and the side aerator hubcaps are in Glossy Black. A dashboard decal and special protective mats in front and back with the “Urban Ride” initials are also standard features of this special edition.

Ingenious and practical, Citroën C1 features generous boot capacity, ranging from 196 litres to 780 litres, depending on the configuration of the rear bench and is supplied with a foldable shelf to allow easy loading when we open the boot. It also includes an array of storage compartments. Furthermore, C1 includes a glove box big enough to hold a 1 litre bottle of water, as well as cup holders.

The bold C1 provides even more freedom and enjoyment on a daily basis. The Urban Ride special edition is available in a 5-door version for C1 Hatchback as well as C1 Airscape. In the case of the open-top version, which gains an electronically controlled rollback fabric roof, exceptionally large (l. 800 x L. 760 mm) and easy to use, Citroën C1 Urban Ride is available in a “Sunrise Red” soft-top combination (or in Canvas Black as a free upgrade).

Based on the most high-end finish (Shine), C1 Urban Ride offers a wide range of features. It provides a high level of everyday comfort and pleasure by offering its users a range of equipment that simplifies their lives, in particular through a technological update with Mirror Screen, now compatible with Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto and Mirror Link®, via the 7’’ touchscreen tablet.

The following options are also available : Keyless entry and start, the Auto AC Pack including Automatic air conditioning and automatic high beam function, the Easy Auto Pack including Automatic air conditioning and Keyless entry and start, and the Safety Pack integrating the Active City Brake, Active Lane Departure Warning system and Speed limit recognition system.                        

Citroën C1 Urban Ride is fitted with a Euro 6.2 compatible powertrain. The city car uses the VTi 72 petrol engine with a mechanical gearbox (VTi 72 manual) or automatic gearbox (VTi 72 ETG only for the hatchback).

Order books are already open for C1 URBAN RIDE special edition, with starting prices from EUR 14,450 in France.



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