• To tie in with the launch of Ami – 100% ëlectric, Citroën teamed up with Ultimate Ears to come up with a new way of enjoying sound in this electric object aimed at making urban mobility accessible for everyone.
  • The two brands worked together to design the special edition Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Ami speaker, to be unveiled onboard the all-electric Ami at the French media test drive held in Paris this week.
  • The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker is practical, super-portable and customisable, making it the obvious audio choice for Ami – 100% ëlectric.

Innovation has been at the core of Citroën’s DNA for more than a century, leading to bold, groundbreaking products and services inspired by the widest array of people. In a bid to maximise convenience and functionality, Citroën develops intuitive, user-friendly technology and tools to integrate into its vehicles. Building on the brand’s tried and tested know-how in providing services, Citroën has designed a comprehensive digital ecosystem for Ami – 100% ëlectric to provide a seamless customer journey that’s perfectly aligned with today’s consumer behaviours.


Ultimate Ears is reinventing the way people around the world experience music together. It first revolutionised the way musicians interact with their audiences at live gigs by coming up with the most advanced in-ear monitors the music industry had ever seen or heard. Over the past two decades, Ultimate Ears has brought its expertise in audio engineering from the ears of pros to the ears of fans, with state-of-the-art speakers and earphones for the consumer market. Now Ultimate Ears sound quality can be enjoyed in a line of portable speakers that deliver 360-degree sound and size-defying audio performance, in a sturdy cylindrical design that has become iconic for millions of users.


A collaboration inspired by new consumer behaviours

There’s a certain overlap between the Citroën and Ultimate Ears client bases – older teenagers and young adults with or without a driver’s license, as well as music lovers of all ages. The two brands swiftly recognised that they share the same design philosophy and a desire to respond to changing expectations among today’s users. United by their common credo, they very quickly settled on the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ concept as central to the specifications in their partnership around the all-electric Ami: it would have a portable sound system, which the user could take with them when they got out of the vehicle. And thus was born the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Ami speaker, with its dedicated space in the dashboard of the all-electric Ami designed to give easy access to your music.


“Citroën chose Ultimate Ears as a partner to develop the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Ami speaker because of our shared vocation to provide customers with intuitive convenience and comfort in use. By putting music within easy reach on board Ami – 100% ëlectric, this speaker is totally in the spirit of our joined-up urban mobility solution – a thought-through design that makes freedom of movement easier and more straightforward for as many people as possible.”

Arnaud Belloni, Global Citroën Marketing & Communications Senior Vice President


A simple plug-and-play device, the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Ami speaker sits in its place inside the vehicle and doesn’t need to be connected up. There’s an Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Ami speaker in each of the 20 all-electric Ami models to be tested by the French media in Paris between 24 and 28 August, so testers can access their favourite playlists, albums, tracks and podcasts from their smartphone.


Customisation linking to the model

With custom options a distinctive feature of Ami – 100% ëlectric,  urban mobility solution, Ultimate Ears put all its speaker customisation expertise at the disposal of Citroën’s design team to strengthen the link between the speaker and the Ami’s bold, forward-thinking character. The two teams of designers jointly selected a single colour, My Ami Khaki, from among the existing colourways of the all-electric Ami.


“With its overlayered words repeated like a slogan, the Ami logo reflects the urban-influenced visual codes of Citroën’s all-electric mobility solution. We incorporated the logo into the fabric covering of the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Ami speaker to add to the sense of movement inherent in the graphic design of the word ‘Ami’. Our collaboration with the Ultimate Ears team took account of our respective strengths and particularities, while also allowing us to hold on to our rougher edges.”

Mathieu Wandon, Citroën Graphic Design Designer


By joining forces, the two brands have enabled every user of the all-electric Ami to enjoy the ultimate in freedom of movement with their sounds. The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Ami speaker is available online at the Citroën Lifestyle store at, or in Fnac Darty stores that sell the all-electric Ami in France.


“It was a real pleasure for us to work on this with Citroën, which shares our passion for driving forward innovative design to improve the user experience. Ami represents a revolution in the city car, and we’re delighted to incorporate an Ultimate Ears speaker into the design so drivers can enjoy high quality sound.”

Johann Evano, Ultimate Ears Marketing Director, Europe and Asia