Wed, 20/02/2019 - 10:00
  • To mark its Centenary, Citroën is expanding its lifestyle collection, “Citroën Origins”. The new products play with the graphic cues of the Brand in the 1920s.
  • Products include an enamel mug, card games, sets of miniatures and an all-Citroën themed version of the celebrated Monopoly!
  • Pictures of the new “Citroën Origins” articles can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/2GAOHMk

Citroën is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019. To mark the event, it is giving Brand enthusiasts an opportunity to make the Centenary part of their everyday lives, with family or friends, through its lifestyle range, “Citroën Origins”. Citroën has always been inspired by people and their lifestyles. Today, it is expanding the “Citroën Origins” collection with new articles whose packaging plays on the graphic cues used by Citroën in the 1920s.

The flagship item in the catalogue of new products on sale through the e-boutique lifestyle.citroen.com, is the Citroën Origins Monopoly (€50). Citroën Origins Monopoly, an all-Citroën themed version of Monopoly, is published by HASBRO in a bilingual French-English version and based on the same rules as the original Monopoly game. Although the board game is played in the same way, the players buy Citroën vehicles (2CV, 5 HP, Traction, New C5 Aircross SUV, etc.) instead of streets in Paris. The stations are replaced by concept cars: Activa 1, C-Métisse, GTbyCitroën and CXperience. The traditional utilities are replaced by a fuel company and an insurance company. Last, income tax and luxury tax are replaced by paid parking and motorway tolls. Suitable for players aged 8 and over, Monopoly Origins promises hours of exciting fun at home with family and friends.

From the comfort of their sofa, motorsports connoisseurs and fans can take part in a fun challenge, the “Petit Quizz” (€6). With this short book, (re)discover the fabulous history of Citroën in 80 questions: emblematic models, technical innovations and the bold players who were part of a unique industrial adventure that revolutionised the history of cars from 1919. Which of you knows all there is to know about Citroën?



Vary your card-playing pleasures and brighten up rainy afternoons or holiday evenings with Citroën Origins (€8), a game of 52 cards, or “Top Trumps” Citroën Origins (€6). “Top Trumps” is an immersion in the brand universe, featuring 30 emblematic models, from 1919 to the present day. Each card includes information on each model with its specific characteristics. The player with the criterion of the highest value wins all the other cards and takes his/her turn. The winner is the player with all the cards.

Younger players will be able to learn more about the world and history of Citroën with the memory game Citroën Origins (€10). Children will have fun finding matching pairs of cards illustrating models (Type A, B2 Caddy, Rosalie, etc.) or a Citroën dealership from the 1920s. Children from 4 upwards will have fun developing their memory and observation skills through this game, which was developed in cooperation with Ravensburger.



After several hours of gaming fun with Citroën, players of all ages will be ready for a snack. First, with a “2CV” cake, made using a cake mould in the shape of this iconic Citroën vehicle (€15). With this silicone mould, you can let your imagination run free and create a variety of recipes cooked in different ways: in the oven, the microwave or even the freezer. Enjoy your cake with a hot drink from a Citroën Centenary enamel mug (€15), or a Citroën Origins DS mug, or a Citroën Origins SM mug (set of 2 DS & SM mugs – €22).



Although winter is still here, with its grey skies, cold winds and maybe a blanket of snow, summer is in the air. Enjoy a seaside holiday atmosphere with Citroën Origins flip-flops (€14), featuring a flexible black strap with a non-slip insole in Méhari red. The Citroën logo on the sole leaves an amusing print in the sand. These flip-flops exist in four sizes: 38/39, 40/41, 42/43, 44/45. The Méhari Citroën Origins platter (€19) can be used throughout the year (dimensions: 40x30 cm). It will be very helpful to serve friends and family when it’s happy hour or lunchtime. While we’re waiting for spring, children can already enjoy wearing this cute Petite Rosalie bathrobe (€43), available in three sizes: 4, 6 and 8 years. Made from 100% cotton, the bathrobe features a badge of the record-breaking Petite Rosalie on the chest, and a cute coordinated blue pompom at the peak of the hood!



Collectors are also set to enjoy this Centenary year. And not only with Citroën miniatures. Fans of enamel advertising plates will rush to buy the Citroën Origins enamel plate (€70) marking the Brand’s 100th anniversary and made in France by Email Replica. Used for advertising over many years, the enamel plates were displayed both outside and inside shops. Preferred for its strong, robust design, this advertising medium had a long service life, making it perfect for companies. Today, enamel plates are real collectors’ items. Another good reason to visit the e-boutique lifestyle.citroen.com !

Collectors of miniatures will be keen to acquire, as either a gift or a treat, the metal box set of Citroën Origins miniatures, a small box containing great things (€35). Treat yourself to 3-inch versions of emblematic Citroën models in a metal box of quality design: from the Traction Avant to the iconic Type H, the much loved 2CV Charleston, and also the DS 23 Pallas, Méhari and CX, a full line-up of generations and iconic models packed into one box. A real journey back in time!

The set is available in four ranges of several colours:

- black Traction Avant, yellow Type H, maroon 2CV Charleston, ivory DS 23 Pallas, light green Méhari, grey CX

- blue Traction Avant, yellow Type H, grey 2CV Charleston, green DS 23 Pallas, beige Méhari, blue CX

- ivory Traction Avant, yellow Type H, maroon 2 CV Charleston, green DS 23 Pallas, orange Méhari, grey CX

- two-tone red/ black Traction Avant, yellow Type H, grey 2CV Charleston, ivory DS 23 Pallas, khaki green Méhari, blue CX


A number of emblematic models are now available individually in 3-inch format, such as the Traction Avant (€5), in either black, blue, ivory or two-tone red/black. A 3-inch 2CV Sahara is also set to join the Citroën Lifestyle catalogue in the near future.

Citroën Lifestyle is also making two more everyday objects available with the Citroën Origins key-ring and pen (€6 and €5 respectively). Featuring elegant Citroën chevrons, they are sure to please fans of the brand.

All the pictures of these new “Citroën Origins” articles can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/2GAOHMk


“Citroën Origins” articles are available from the e-boutique lifestyle.citroen.com in the following countries: France, Portugal, Benelux, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Ireland and Poland.