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With this new advertising campaign, Citroën is playing around with its new Inspired by You signature and developing it specifically for business customers with ‘Inspired by Pro’ films. Each of the 6 films is an opportunity to show the daily work of tradespeople and independent retailers who are not just satisfied with being good at their job: they must be able to do everything, from human resources and the website through to accounting. The TV campaign from TRACTION showcases these daily heroes who find a commercial vehicle which meets their standards with Berlingo, Jumpy and Jumper.
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This new campaign created by the agency Traction for the range of Citroën commercial vehicles (Berlingo, Jumpy, Jumper) develops and adapts the Brand’s ‘Inspired by You’ signature for the world of business, targeting tradespeople and independent retailers: ‘Inspired by Pro’.

In this way, the campaign is built around a strong characteristic of those it targets: that fact that today, tradespeople and independent retailers can no longer be satisfied with just being good at their original job, but must also deal with human resources, accounting, online business listings, visual identity, etc. In short, they must be able to do everything!



It is this ‘being able to do everything’ which the new campaign illustrates, on screen in February with a first film on Citroën Berlingo. In it we see a tradesman, busy loading his van with two Euro-Pallets, but at the same time he is explaining to two apprentices the way in which he manages his business’s website …leaving the apprentices perplexed, to say the least, by his good understanding of this related activity.

We find this ‘being able to do everything’ across the whole range of Citroën commercial vehicles which, thanks to their strengths, allow tradespeople/independent retailers to be more effective.

With Citroën Berlingo for example, this is a unique loading volume, but also an Extenso cabin which allows 3 passengers to be accommodated in the front and which can, if necessary, be turned into a mobile desk.



After this first Berlingo film broadcast on the occasion of the Citroën Pro Days (Jours Pro Citroën), there are 5 additional films which will be developed. Each works on the same basis, with the humour and optimism which the Brand knows how to make use of in its communication: a tradesman uses his Citroën vehicle, thereby showing the vehicle’s qualities, while explaining to an apprentice the other areas of expertise which he understands well. Because today a tradesperson or a head of a company must understand everything well.

  • In the same way, there will be another film for Citroën Berlingo, on the 3 front seats of the Extenso cabin, featuring the same characters as those of the 1st film.
  • Three films for Jumpy with a head of a company who manufacture surfboards and her young apprentice:
    • A film on the Moduwork where at the same time as she is loading a long board via the Moduwork’s front flap, she explains to her apprentice the finer details of employment law,
    • Another on Top Rear Vision’s reversing camera where while manoeuvring in reverse gear, she talks about cost accounting,
    • The last one on the electric doors with hands-full access which allows her to give a lesson on the digital format of her logo.
  • And finally a film for Jumper, with a tradesman from the construction industry and his apprentice. In this, we learn about the hill descent control (HDC) speed technology which allows the head of the company to descend the steep slope of a building site, while explaining to his apprentice the finer details of competition between companies.


These films will be broadcast throughout the year, on television but also on digital channels in order to support Citroën’s activity on commercial vehicles.


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Arnaud Belloni

Claudine Borel

Frédérique Arbona

Sandrine Delouche



President: Bertille Toledano

President, Chief Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras

Agency Head: Hugues Reboul

Creative Director: Nicolas Lautier

Copywriters: Axel Orliac, Laurent Dravet

Artistic Director: Valentin Exposito

Creative producer: Caroline Petrucelli

Commercial Director: Emmanuelle Woehrel

Group Manager: Pierre-Jean Fardin



Producer: Jean Ozannat

Director: Didier Barcelo





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