Tue, 09/05/2017 - 16:15

With the wide range of versions available for each model, customers may feel at a loss when selecting the version best suited to their needs. For this reason, Citroën is providing decision support with its new online configurator.  Accessible on all media (computer, tablet and smartphone), and now integrated with the virtual showroom of Citroën.fr, this new configurator features a new more visual, informative presentation, making it easier for buyers to get a clear picture of the range. At the same time, users can now save their configuration at any time, even if it is not finalised.  A further illustration of the Citroën ‘Feel Good’ experience, this new configurator will be deployed in 29 countries between now and July.
View it on: www.citroen.fr/configurateur.html

Citroën is continuing to renew the customer experience: after the launch of the Scan MyCitroën’ app and the opening of the new urban dealership concept ‘La Maison Citroën’, it is the turn of the brand website to reinvent itself with a new vehicle configurator: www.citroen.fr/configurateur.html

Given that over nine customers in ten view brand websites before visiting their local dealership, the online configurator plays a key role in the purchasing journey of vehicle buyers. With the extensive range available for each model, (versions, engines, interior and exterior personalised features, options, accessories, etc.), customers may feel at a loss when selecting the version best suited to their needs. Citroën is going further to help them decide, with the launch of a new online configurator, featuring:

  • An optimised experience on all media, even mobile
    Whether the configurator is viewed from a computer, tablet or smartphone, the user experience is optimised with, for example, a special ergonomic design and online journey for mobile media. Given that 40% of connections to the brand website are made using mobile media, this is a key challenge.
  • A smoother experience
    Formerly based on a dedicated web platform, the new Citroën configurator is fully integrated with the brand website. The result: no barriers, and a smoother, faster browsing experience for users, who can return to the site showroom at any time, for example, to take another look at the general description of the model.
  • A clearer, more legible experience
    Fully redesigned to showcase the move upmarket as part of a visual and informative approach, Citroën’s new configurator includes pictograms to show the place of each version name in the range (entry, mid or executive), along with a summary of its strong points to convey the fundamentals at first glance, and pictures to illustrate the options and options packs available.
  • A simpler experience without constraints
    Users no longer need to complete their configuration before saving it. By leaving their email address, they can now save their configuration at any time and pick it up again later, from their homes or at the dealership. All these strong points illustrate once again Citroën’s ambitions to deliver a customer experience that is simple, smooth and relaxed, at all the points of brand contract. This new online configurator with its eminently ‘Feel Good’ approach will be deployed in 29 countries between now and July 2017.