Wed, 13/12/2017 - 14:15

Yesterday evening, the New C3 Aircross Compact SUV was doubly honoured at the Argus 2018 awards ceremony.  The C3 Aircross was crowned with two titles: best Urban SUVin its category and Argus Car 2018in all categories together. It was a remarkable recognition for this new vehicle that has already enjoyed considerable success with 30,000 orders placed in Europe. The C3 is a compact SUV with a unique shape and 90 different customisation combinations. Its attractive pricing wins over customers, as does its everyday performance: roominess, exemplary modularity and latest-generation technological features that improve comfort and safety.

Since it was launched in October, the New Citroën C3 Aircross Compact SUV has enjoyed tremendous commercial success: 30,000 orders have already been placed throughout Europe, including 15,000 in France. These are very promising beginnings for a vehicle in a dynamic segment. They constitute strong arguments supporting this people-minded SUV inspired by customers and guided – right from the design phase – by their approach to driving.


The specialist press has also praised the new model’s qualities. The New Citroën C3 Aircross Compact SUV features among the six finalists in the Autobest competition and among the seven remaining contestants in the race for the prestigious European award, Car of the Year 2018. Furthermore, it has been honoured by another panel of judges as the year draws to close, in the Argus 2018 awards.


The New Citroën C3 Aircross Compact SUV was the big winner of this year’s edition, the awards ceremony of which took place yesterday evening on the rooftops of Paris, right where the vehicle was unveiled to the press six months earlier as a world first. The model won two awards: the best “Urban SUV” of the year and the highly coveted “Argus Car 2018”.



There were 40 passenger vehicles competing, spread out over five main categories:  City vehicles; Urban SUVs; Compact SUVs; Family and premium vehicles; Family and premium SUVs.  As the winner of the “Urban SUVs” category, the C3 Aircross stood out as the best compromise in the eyes of the Argus journalists, rating experts and technical-listing specialists. The grade they gave was based on 5 criteria: new purchase price, mileage cost price, residual value, consumption and performance in use (quality, comfort, driving pleasure and design).


Etienne Menant, C3 Aircross Brand Project Manager, basked in his achievement yesterday after Citroën won the best “Urban SUV” award for its New C3 Aircross Compact SUV: “It gives us much pride to see the C3 Aircross awarded. The C3 Aircross rewrites the rules of the highly dynamic segment of compact SUVs. We have designed an SUV with a unique shape, a high potential for customisation and an enhanced capacity for adventure. The model is characteristic of new Citroën vehicles. All the brands know-how has contributed to the vehicle, which forms part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. It offers an unrivalled level of comfort through its exemplary roominess, exceptional modularity and brightness inside. It is also well-adapted to modern-day living with many technological features in security and connectedness that make everyday life easier, whether for manoeuvring around cities or driving on roads.



For the second year running, the Argus periodical has also attributed a top award, designating a winner from all categories taken together. This prestigious title – “Argus Car 2018” – was given to the New C3 Aircross Compact SUV based on the same selection criteria as for the category awards but with a broadened panel of judges including automotive journalists from major media firms of the French general press (Laurent Bodin - L'Alsace, Christophe Bourroux - RTL, Etienne Bruet - M6 Turbo, Denis Carreaux - Nice Matin, Sébastien Jacquemart - La Voix du Nord, Anne-Charlotte Laugier -, Jean-Luc Moreau - RMC, Jean-Michel Normand - Le Monde, Sylvain Reisser - Le Figaro, Matthieu Turel - Le Parisien, Bertrand Bellois - L’argus).


With great pride, Linda Jackson, Citroën CEO, and Alexandre Malval, Citroën Design Director, went up on stage to receive this prize – “Argus Car 2018” – from the hands of Alexandrine Breton des Loÿs, Chairman of the Argus group. This second award crowns the success of a whole team’s efforts, accompanies the soaring initial sales in the network and underlines the unique character of the C3 Aircross.


We are delighted to be awarded this top prize, Argus Car 2018. Whats more, it means a lot to receive it in a venue that has a special meaning for us. It was here that we unveiled our New C3 Aircross to the French press on 12 June as a world first. We presented this model as a new touchstone in the compact SUV market in terms of comfort, applications and on-board facilities. This evening event, in which we have been doubly honoured, has also highlighted the brands transformation. This transformation is beginning to pay dividends, with 230,000 units sold for the C3 and now 30,000 orders placed for the C3 Aircross, said Linda Jackson, Citroën CEO.


 “We are very proud to have received an award from the Argus journal and delighted by our customersenthusiastic reception of the New C3 Aircross. The title of best car of the year is a source of immense satisfaction for the brand and all the teams involved. In the C3 Aircross, we wanted to offer a compact SUV perfectly in line with our strategy through its character and freshness. It completes out entire range coherently, in a highly important market segment”, said Alexandre Malval, Citroën Design Director.