Wed, 20/04/2016 - 13:00

The Beijing Motor Show or Auto China opens its doors to the press on 25 April.  This is a major event for Citroën, since China accounts for one-quarter of its global sales.  The Dongfeng Citroën stand will be displaying a line-up including E-MEHARI and two world firsts: E-Elysée, the all-electric version of  C-Elysée, and C6, a new D-segment premium sedan illustrating  Citroën expertise in vehicle comfort. The show is also an opportunity for the brand to present “Citroën Advanced Comfort”, an international programme set up to guide product engineering in order to guarantee a unique brand signature in vehicle comfort.

Citroën is confirming its offensive in China, its biggest market in 2015 with sales of over 300,000 vehicles, one-quarter of the brand’s global sales. For the14th Beijing Motor Show, which opens its doors to the press on Monday 25 April, the Dongfeng Citroën stand has a number of surprises in store for Chinese visitors:

  • A first practical step in electric vehicles in China with Citroën E-Elysée
    Buoyed by its excellent image in WTCC with two championship titles, C-Elysée is consolidating its status as Dongfeng Citroën’s best-selling vehicle in China, with 90,000 sales in 2015. Building on this impetus, the brand is unveiling an all-electric version of its three-box saloon:  Citroën E-Elysée. Scheduled for launch in China in 2017, this model reflects Dongfeng Citroën’s ambitions to be a key player in electric vehicles for the Chinese public. Featuring a lithium-ion battery, E-Elysée has a range of up to 250 km and can be fast-charged in just 30 minutes (6.5 hours in normal charging mode).
    This emphasis on electric vehicles is also an opportunity for the brand to present its latest vehicle to the Chinese public for the first time:  Citroën E-MEHARI, an all-electric 4-seater cabriolet with a unique personality. 
  • An offensive in the premium segment with the Citroën C6
    Following the launch of the new C4 saloon in 2015, Dongfeng Citroën is completing its offensive in the important segment of three-box saloons with the unveiling of its new flagship model: Citroën C6. Targeting the upper business D segment, this 4.96m long premium saloon is set to arrive on the market at the end of the year. Designed by the Styling Centre in Paris in close cooperation with the Shanghai office, Citroën C6 will be built in Wuhan. It features flowing, modern line, along with exceptional interior qualities placing particular emphasis on the cabin (space, ambience, materials), seats and technologies) in order to set the highest standards in comfort for all the passengers.
  • “Citroën Advanced Comfort is a programme that guarantees a unique Citroën signature in comfort
    The reveal of Citroën C6 is also an opportunity for the brand to present the “ Citroën Advanced Comfort” programme. Since its founding, the brand has always been at the cutting-edge of comfort technology. Comfort is a differentiating factor that receives specific attention and investment in each brand development. With the “Citroën Advanced Comfort” programme, the brand is making this signature more legible through four key factors that reflect Citroën’s approach to comfort:
    • Filter out any imperfections, for a cocoon-like ride, with solutions for the suspension, seating and acoustics;
    • Simplify life on board, with generous, functional space, ingenious storage compartments and accessible controls;
    • Create a smoother experience with intuitive technology, driving aids that can be used every day, continuity between the customer’s digital universe and the car;
    • Lighten the mental load, to welcome passengers and create a more relaxed ambience, displaying only information that is truly useful, and working on light and materials.