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For the latest season of C_42, Citroën is paying homage to its utility vehicles as it marks the 70th birthday of its iconic van: the Type H.
Named ‘NO LIMIT!’, this season shines the spotlight on the brand’s ability to cater to tradesmen and businesses, from way back when right up to the present day with the new Jumpy and the Berlingo Electric.
‘NO LIMIT!’ is also showcasing the rally mindset with the New C3 WRC and an unrivalled virtual reality experience! And encouraged by last season’s success, the Escape Game has been redesigned with a new mystery to solve...
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Pride of place for Citroën utility vehicles as we celebrate the Type H’s 70th birthday

If the Citroën Type H wowed the crowds at the 1947 Paris Motor Show with its ingenious features (front wheel drive, low loading threshold, enough headroom to stand up, sliding side door, loadbearing capacity of 1200kg, etc.), it was because Citroën set out to provide practical solutions to the needs of the era’s tradesmen and businesses. The attention it received generated a fitting success, with 490,000 Type H made throughout a career spanning over 30 years, making this van a popular icon for whole generation. 70 years later, Citroën is striving harder than ever to meet the plethora of new needs expressed by professional customers. And this is what NO LIMIT!, the new season at C_42,  is offering visitors a chance to experience, with  a number of Citroën utility vehicles past and present on display, from the Citroën C4 tow truck from 1929 to the Type H, and the Berlingo Pick-up Electric to the New Jumpy.
In addition to this, on the first floor a Berlingo Isotherme will be there all season long with a range of guest crafters  presenting their wares to the public as part of a partnership with the Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat de Paris.


C3 WRC: back in the race!

‘NO LIMIT!’ is also paying homage to Citroën’s pedigree and form at the World Rally Championship. A new C3 WRC will be on display alongside an ‘Immersion C3 WRC’ experience in which visitors can try out a unique 3D experience by donning a virtual reality headset. Directed by Stéphane Lefebvre, the experience plunges visitors into the very heart of the Citroën Racing experience with panoramic vision and binaural sound.


A new mystery at the Escape Game on the Champs-Elysées!

Buoyed by the success of its debutant Escape Game last season (more than 1200 players), Citroën is repeating the experience with a new mystery built around a top secret mission: players are invited to wear the shoes of aspiring agents working for the Silver Chevrons. As their final test, they must prove worthy of wearing the organisation’s insignia...
The 40 minute sessions are available in French and English, at a cost of €38 for a group of 3-5.

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