Fri, 02/10/2015 - 14:00

C_42, CITROËN’s international showcase venue on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, opens the new season with “CITROËN [RE]MIX!”, an intriguing assortment of cars and concepts, past and present! For an even more vibrant experience, visitors can mix the C_42 venue lighting themselves, using the Light Mix feature. What a way to brighten up the autumn!


This autumn, CITROËN is launching a new season at its C_42 venue with the “CITROËN [RE]MIX!” exhibition. True to the spirit of its CACTUS M concept car, an outdoor reinterpretation of C4 Cactus, inspired by the mythical Méhari, CITROËN is inviting visitors to travel back in time and explore a little of its inimitable creative heritage.

So at this autumn’s exhibition, today’s C4 Cactus and C4 Picasso are sharing the limelight with a few unique automotive creations from times gone by:

- UFO: In 2011, celebrity designer Ora-ïto created UFO for CITROËN, a mutant half-car half-UFO unmistakeably CITROËN all the same, and a nod to the famous publicity shot of an wheel-less CITROËN DS gliding effortlessly on four balloons.

- CITROËN C10 PROTOTYPE: This project, run in the nineteen-fifties under André Lefebvre, would explore the concept of a very lightweight family car. The aerodynamic styling and single-volume format of this prototype were revolutionary for the epoch. 

- CITROËN 2 CV 007: This little CITROËN was a star of the silver screen, one of the three 2 CVs used in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. It carried Roger Moore and Carole Bouquet and also appeared on the film poster!

- CITROËN GS ARROWS: This Art Car, a GS revisited by the artist Jean-Pierre Lihou in 1976, invites visitors right back to the heart of the seventies! The tangy colours (all 73 shades of them) and winding arrows materialize the Energetism concept developed by this visionary artist.  

As well as enjoying the models on show, visitors to the C_42 exhibition can also have fun using the Light Mix console to mix the venue’s lighting to the rhythm of music! And that’s just one of the exciting features running at C_42 this autumn. Here are some more:

- Jump: Visitors can get themselves an original souvenir photo at this trampoline feature on the top floor of C_42. (Photos are sent free by mail or can be printed for €0.50.)

- The Speed Experience: This feature, in the C_42 Racing area, is inspired by the wind tunnel tests used in the car design process. Visitors experience the thrill of speed through a multi-sensorial experience mixing sound, light, and enough wind to blow to toughest cobwebs away! (Access €2).

- Be Happy: At this large-screen interactive feature, the visitor selects a word from a cloud of words in tune with the spirit of optimism that underlies the CITROËN values. This brings up a quote from a famous author (or, indeed, an anonymous quote) using the chosen word, that the visitor can then share on the social networks.