Thu, 09/10/2014 - 15:45

The CITROËN spirit is also present in the Brand’s merchandising, on sale at the boutique on the Paris Motor Show stand. The merchandising takes visitors to the heart of the Brand’s roots with the new products in the Heritage collection and extends the feel-good experience with C4 Cactus T-shirts. On the weekends of the Show, while parents shop their children will be pouring all their creativity into drawing their dream CITROËN car.

Alongside the life-sized models on display, CITROËN has set up a boutique on its stand featuring a full range of lifestyle products comprising four collections: CITROËN, Heritage, Racing&Sport and Miniatures&Toys.


Infused by the same breath of fresh air felt on the CITROËN stand, the products in the CITROËN collection combine technology, creativity and well-being. The headphones, sunglasses and USB keys in the collection perfectly illustrate the CITROËN spirit.


Enhanced with new products, the Heritage collection celebrates legendary CITROËN cars through everyday objects as good to look at as they are practical to use, including an umbrella, mugs and a new 2CV-themed backpack.

The Racing&Sport collection, for fans of performance and sporting thrills, features equipment for the competitor hidden inside each one of us, including a Racing chronograph watch, sports bag and golf GPS.


The Miniatures&Toys collection remains CITROËN’s most popular, having recently been extended to include new models such as the C4 Elysée WTCC in 1:43 scale and the new C4 Cactus three-inch model, which is shooting to the top of the sales charts.


Over the next two weekends, CITROËN will be encouraging children to express all their creativity in drawing. Between 2 pm and 5 pm on the CITROËN stand, up to 300 of them will get the chance to draw their dream CITROËN car. All the drawings from the session will be put together to make a giant fresco illustrating the automotive dreams of each budding designer. All the participants will go home with a free T-shirt from the boutique to thank them for taking part.