Thu, 16/07/2015 - 15:30

From 28 July to 2 August, legions of “duck” enthusiasts will be meeting up in Toruń, Poland for the 21st World 2CV Meeting. Created in 1975, this is the world’s biggest 2CV get-together, with more than 7,000 cars and 20,000 participants expected. For an entire week, the whole town will celebrate the legendary CITROËN car and its colour, optimism and freedom.

For the 2015 World 2CV Meeting, Toruń, the most beautiful town in northern Poland, will be hosting the aficionados of the CITROËN 2CV. The singular gathering attracts more and more people every year. The 2011 event in France and 2013 event in Spain set records with over 20,000 participants. For this year’s Meeting – the 21st – no fewer than 7,000 CITROËN 2CVs are expected, hailing from around the world to join together in a festive and friendly spirit.

Hosts of enthusiasts, 2CV club members and the general public, will be on hand to admire the different versions of the Brand’s most charismatic and top-selling car, which sold in over 5 million units in its 42-year lifespan. The World 2CV Meeting is a unique opportunity to dialogue with others about a shared passion and spend a few 2CV-inspired days! 

Participants will be able to visit the must-see ephemeral CITROËN museum showcasing a number of models and photographs from the Brand’s private Conservatoire. CITROËN collectors and members of the Amicale CITROËN International, the world federation of CITROËN clubs, will also get the chance to take part in a range of competitions, including all-road and track races as well as timed 2CV assembly-disassembly contests that underscore the versatile nature of the legendary model. Swap meets and concours d’élégance, in which the 2CV will take on other legendary CITROËNs including the Ami 6, Ami 8, Dyane and Méhari, will also be organised.

The event is also a human adventure, with some collectors choosing to travel together to Poland from their home country in a 2CV. Some of them will continue their adventure after the Meeting, for an exceptional two-day rally organised for the participants in 2CVs, in which the drivers will discover the treasures of the Baltic Sea in a cheerful and sporting spirit essential to the art de vivre of the “duck”.